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14 Ways to Stay Healthy with A Desk Job

The “sedentary lifestyle” we have to follow not only disturbs our body but also affects our minds. Sitting on your desk all day long can disturb your health. You must take care of your health if you have to spend 8 hours a day on your desk.

The good news is that you stay fit and healthy with your desk job by following the 14 tips mentioned here – keep reading!

1.      Improve your sleeping habits

Getting enough sleep can help you stay energized at your desk job. You might be tempted to “Enjoy” your time at night by scrolling through social media feeds or binge-watching your favorite shows. But not sleeping enough can disturb your mental and physical health.

Make sure you get 6-7 hours of sleep daily. Improve your bed by replacing the mattress if it’s more than seven years old. You can check the reviews at to pick the right mattress. Furthermore, don’t take naps of more than 20 minutes in the daytime as it can stop you from sleeping at night.

2.      Take regular breaks

A common 9-5 desk job includes a lunch break. You have to rest in this break to keep working without feeling exhausted. Avoid using your smartphone during this break, as your screen time can negatively affect your health.

If possible, you should do simple stretch exercises during this break. Move around your office instead of staying at your desk. Talk to your coworkers to get in a lighter mood as it can lighten up your mood.

3.      Hit the gym

Doing exercise regularly can help you overcome the health problems produced by a difficult job. Physical exercise not only strengthens your body but also declutters your mind. The best time for exercise is the evening if you have a 9-5 job.

Avoid doing heavy exercise before you go to bed, as it can stop you from falling asleep. Start with simple exercises if you have never been to a gym.

4.      Take the stairs

Most people use the lift instead of taking the stairs to save time and effort. Keep in mind that relying on your life is not good for your health and makes you lazier. On the other hand, taking stairs promotes activity and strengthens your legs.

Climbing stairs is a form of exercise that can improve your overall health. Prefer taking the stairs instead of the lift to stay fit and healthy.

5.      Prioritize walking

It’s easy to roll your office chair to collect your documents or talk to a coworker, isn’t it? The downside of sitting on your chair and rolling it all the time limits your physical activity. You have to keep moving throughout the day to stay physically and mentally.

Get up and move into your office instead of rolling your chair. Avoid sitting on your chair for hours. Walk for 2-3 minutes to stay in shape.

6.      Eat healthily

Eating fast foods seems like the best option for most office workers. Pizza and other fast foods will not promote your well-being. You have to avoid processed and sugary foods to stay fit for years to come.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet to improve your body’s metabolism. If possible, prepare your lunch in the morning and avoid ordering food. Talk to your nutritionist to improve your eating habits.

7.      Stay hydrated

You should drink around 2 liters of water daily to get rid of toxins in your body. Don’t drink bottled drinks as they are difficult to digest when you have a desk job. Keep a bottle of fresh water on your desk to stay mindful of your fluid intake.

8.      Be careful about munching

Snacks on your desk can help you keep going on with your job. However, processed snacks can ruin your health if you keep eating them. Eating dry fruits like peanuts throughout the day isn’t healthy either. Instead of munching all the time, take small breaks and do something healthy during that time.

9.      Get the most out of lunch break

Your lunch break isn’t all about eating some food and staying at your desk. You have to maximize your physical activity in that break to stay healthy. Walk around the office after eating food during your lunch break. You can listen to music, read a book, or do some light exercise to get rid of mental stress.

10. Ditch the office if you’re sick

Taking proper rest is necessary if you’re sick and can’t go to your office. Instead of neglecting your underlying health issues, you should visit your doctor, so you can continue your job without getting admitted to the hospital.

11. Avoid your car

Your car can surely help you reach your office and get back home easily. However, if your office is near your home, you should get on your bike and ditch your car. Sitting in your car promotes a sedentary lifestyle that isn’t good for your health. Focus on the activity as it can promote your health and help you save money.

12. Join a fitness club

It might get difficult for you to build the habit of visiting your gym. If you can’t convince yourself to hit the gym regularly, a better option is to join a fitness club. You’ll be motivated to focus on your health as you set some goals with your “Fitness buddies” and try to get those goals.

You should find a fitness club near your home, so you don’t have to hop in your car to get there. Avoid heavy workouts in the beginning, so you don’t push your body to its limits.

13. Prioritize mental health

Mental health is as important as your physical health. You will not be able to stay healthy if you feel stressed all the time. It’s essential to get your mental health problems solved for a fulfilling life.

Don’t shy away from discussing your problems with your doctor. Instead of taking drugs, go for therapy if you are unable to maintain the work-life balance.

14. Focus on socializing

Sticking to your job all the time can affect your social life. You have to stay connected with your friends and family to avoid burnout. Make a schedule that allows you to spend time with your loved ones. Focus on networking as it can help you move forward in your career.


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