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4 Best 3D Printing Franchise Opportunities and Their Cost

3D printing has revolutionized many industries. From manufacturing products like jewelry to some medical implements, 3D printing is set to shake up more industries. Of course, with such wide-ranging applications come tremendous opportunities for investment and the potential for huge profits. For more on such opportunities, see it here.

For decades, people have been trying to find ways to produce prototypes of particular industrial items rapidly. This pioneered the first type of 3D printing decades ago. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the century that this technology became mainstream. Sometimes known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing involves the creation of solid objects, usually in 3-dimensional planes, from a stored digital file. Just like with their earlier prototypes, 3D printing creates objects by having layers after layers of a material laid in sequential patterns to produce the desired shape and hence the object.

The simplicity with which 3D technology has made creating many objects much easier means that people continue to take an interest in it. This has created numerous business opportunities. This has led to the emergence of 3D printing franchises, providing many entrepreneurs with the chance to get in on this moneymaking act.

The following are some of the top 3D franchising opportunities for purchase. Each one offers a unique selling point.

1) 3D Memories

People love photography and anything that can ensure that they capture special moments for posterity. 3D Memories is a company that offers just that, giving people the opportunity to have nicely made keepsakes of events and moments. Their 3D keepsakes are handmade even though they utilize 3D printing.

With a wide array of product configurations, customers can quickly have virtually anything solid replicated. They also have a wide range of product options like floral arrangements, glass domes, picture frames, and more.

Buying this franchise represents an opportunity for entrepreneurs that want to cash in on the popularity of 3D printing. Franchisees can expect to have the training and support needed to create all the different lines of products. This is in addition to marketing support to ensure that the franchise gets off the ground. Their initial franchise fees are extremely low, with military veterans given dispensation.

2) Twindom 3D Photography

A few entrepreneurs started this franchise with a passion for all things 3D. After perfecting their 3D printing system, they started offering 3D photographs to residents in their area. The advantage of this franchise is that an entrepreneur can choose to set up in a permanent location or be mobile. Establishing a mobile location suits franchisees who love being on the move. You can set up at stadiums, shopping malls, corporate events, weddings, and numerous other events. With a total investment of less than $60 000, you can become part of this franchise. This fee includes a cash investment of a little over $30 000 and a franchise fee of $18 000. An investment range of $10 000 completes the package.

3) Signarama

This juggernaut of a franchise continues to expand in the 3D printing industry, having already established hundreds of franchise locations globally. Their streamlined business model means that you get the necessary support to set up your franchise once you are buy-in. Whether site selection or lease negotiations, they’ve got you covered. They also have a comprehensive training program designed to seamlessly ease all new franchisees in, regardless of previous experience in the 3D printing business. You’ll need to pay nearly $50 000 in franchise feeds in addition to having another $60 000 in liquid capital. They also can invest low and high, with the former going for $200 000 and the latter slightly more.

4) Minutemen Press

If you want to invest in a large 3D printing franchise that’s been around for a long time, Minutemen Press offers that opportunity. Originally founded as printing and designing a house, it quickly adopted the 3D technology, offering digital printing, graphics, and a host of other related products. To buy into this franchise, you’ll require a minimum of $23 000 as a franchise fee. Liquid capital requirements stand at $150 000, with a royalty of 6%.

These are some of the top 3D printing franchises available. Of course, buying into any franchise requires due diligence. It would help if you researched any such franchise extensively before making any financial commitments. This will ensure that you don’t go in blindly without fully understanding their business model.

All in all, there’s plenty of money to be made in investing in the right 3D printing franchise.


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