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5 Best apps to Monitor Children Internet Activities

With so much information technology, the emergence of digital technology is taking place in our lives. We spend our day or night on digital devices. Uses of intelligent machines have become a challenge for parents. They try their best to keep an eye on them, but most of the time, they fail to do so. Our child is more brilliant than us. They know how to hide their smartphones and their activities. Unfortunately, parents didn’t choose the best mobile tracker app that spies children’s activities remotely. 

Are parenting apps beneficial? 

Parental control apps have become common and valuable for kids’ remote monitoring. It helps parents keep an eye on their children and know what they are doing. It empowers all parents to install and start tracking child cell phones.  With the use of mobile monitor software, you can control your children’s screen time without touching their phones. 

  1. TheOneSpy 
  2. OgyMogy 
  3. SecureKin
  4. Net nanny
  5. MamaBear 

TheOneSpy android app

TheOneSpy is a best spy app for android and popular as a parental control app. It is known as the most powerful spy software that helps you track cell phones. TheOneSpy is considered a top mobile monitoring app that allows all parents to check the activities of the targeted one. With the help of this app, you can easily find every move secretly. Once installed, parents can access their phones and all about them privately. With this software, you can protect your child from any unusual activity. TOS provides a comprehensive list of features for remote monitoring. 

TheOneSpy is compatible with android, mac, windows, or iOs devices. 

It enables you to track messages, calls, browsing details, or password chaser and find social media performance. 

OgyMogy spy app

OgyMogy is also known as a cell phone spy app. it makes sure you know about the targeted device and finds all their activities. With the help of tracking software, you can identify the digital performances of your child. It makes sure you know about the person you want to track. It helps you in tracking the device location or finding every digital performance. You can learn about the device or their activities as well. Parents can check kids’ online activities and track whatever they want. Parents quickly know what their kid is doing on their mobile screen. It enables you to track every movement of anyone you want to know. 

OgyMogy is compatible with mac, iOs, windows, and android devices for secret monitoring. 

OgyMogy is working with the features that help you in call tracking, SMS monitoring check the internet history. Know the android install spy apps or track GPS location. 


Secure is great mobile tracking software that helps you find mobile activities. It makes sure you choose the digital devices and know all about them. Parents can use Secure and protect their children from any threat. It makes it robust that you can check any device information with a timestamp. 

Secure is compatible with android or iOs devices because it is a cell phone spy app. 

Secure helps you block unethical websites, track mobile location, monitor social media, and check all chats, including or listening to calls. 

Net nanny

It is available for android, mac, iOs, or Windows devices.  Net nanny is tracking software that makes sure you know about the targeted devices.  It manages your kid’s online performances and finds whatever you want on the screen. You can check kids’ smartphones and know everything. You can track and filter the websites of targeted devices.

This software helps you find device location, spy internet watch history, and block unwanted websites.


MamaBear is software that can track your kid’s live arrival location; spy their cell phone live activities. This app also helps you find Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter. You can also see if your child is communicating in unethical language. Parents use this program or save their children from any dangerous side of social media. MamaBear has a free version for one month.


The use of parental control apps is beneficial for kids’ protection in the present time. We discuss the best Children monitoring software that helps you remote monitoring and check their every movement on digital devices


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