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5 Signs It’s Time to Use a Walking Cane

Are you wondering if it’s time to get a little more help when getting around? Some people may want to put off using a walking cane because they think they don’t need one or because it will signal something weak or negative about them. When in reality people of all ages use canes to help them move around and stay healthy.

A cane can be used for all kinds of reasons. If you’re experiencing any of the options mentioned below, it might be time to talk with your doctor about using a cane from time to time.

1. Injury

Many people find themselves needing a cane for walking after an injury. This may mean the cane is only temporary during recovery, or it could be something you need long-term. Either way, if your doctor recommends getting a cane after getting hurt, it is to help you move around and heal.

Make sure you measure your ideal walking stick so that your body can properly heal from your injury and you don’t further hurt yourself. Walking canes should help you move around, not cause you to stoop or experience other issues.

2. Joint Pain

It’s normal to tire from walking long distances or for extended periods, but if you find the joint pain makes it hard to keep moving around, using a cane for walking may help. This does not mean you will always need it, but trying one out could help you stay more active for longer and be in less pain during and after.

3. Back Pain

If you’ve noticed increased back pain while walking, this could be a problem. Your back is under pressure when you walk and move around, and a cane can help relieve some of that. While a little pressure on occasion isn’t cause for alarm, if you find it limiting your activity like the joint pain then using a walking cane may help.

4. Age

While walking is a low-impact activity, the older the body the more pressure it is under. Taking care of your body as you age is crucial in ensuring a longer and healthier life. Using a cane as you get older to help move about and take some pressure off your body could help you stay upright and active for longer.

5. Instability

If you find yourself struggling to keep your balance, you could be in need of a cane or cane walker. Using any device designed to help you move around will also help you stay safe. Many people use canes to help them navigate areas that have uneven footing.

If your balance has been off lately, or you don’t feel sure of your steps, try walking with a cane to see if it helps. A cane will give you one more point of contact with the ground to keep you more stable and upright.

Walking with a Walking Cane

A walking cane can help someone who got hurt, someone older in need, or support, or someone looking to help them walk with less pressure. There are many reasons why you may need to use a cane, and all of them are valid. If this helped you feel more confident in whether you need a walking cane or not, keep reading for more useful info.


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