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5 Unique Ways to Style Your Favorite Fashion Scarves

The neck scarf is probably one of the most underrated clothing items in anyone’s closet. Most people assume that scarves are only appropriate in colder weather, however, they really do deserve a little more praise than that.

Fashion scarves are super versatile because they’re less formal than ascots, a little more fashionable than bandanas, and they have the unique ability to dress up or dress down almost any outfit.

Here’s how to style fashion scarves no matter the weather.

1. Tie It Into a Loose Knot

Bear in mind that the material of the scarf you choose dictates the time of year you wear it. For example, a wool knit scarf is not exactly ideal for the summer months. A pashmina or silk scarf, on the other hand, is a good option. Shop these scarves here, for more.

Instead of wearing jewelry to accessorize an outfit, tie your scarf into a loose knot so that it hangs around your neck. Simply fold the scarf in half (lengthways), drape it around your neck, then thread the loose ends into the loop. Opt for something colorful or patterned to complement a plain outfit.

2. Fashion Scarves Are Great for Draping

If you’re looking to create an effortlessly stylish and elegant outfit, a draped scarf around the shoulders is your go-to. All you need to do is drape the scarf back-to-front so that the ends hang down your back and frame your body.

The best way to style this look is by wearing a simple outfit, such as a white summer dress, complemented by a colorful scarf. Or, you could opt for a colorful outfit and a plain scarf.

3. Opt For the Square Scarf Look

If you’re looking to create an outfit that’s a little more formal, or business appropriate, this is where the square scarf look is ideal. Fold your scarf in half, along the center. Then, take the loose ends, wrap them around your neck and pull them around the front of your body to create a square shape.

This type of scarf styling pairs best with a smart, button-down shirt/blouse and a blazer.

4. Rock Your Scarf as a Bandeau Top

Yep, you read that right. Scarves don’t just belong around your neck, you can use a large fashion scarf to create the ultimate hot-girl summer look with a bandeau top.

Simply fold your scarf in half, along the center. Then, wrap the loose ends around your upper back, tying them together in a knot in the middle of your chest. Pair with an oversized blazer, leather or denim jacket, and jeans.

5. Hide Your Bad Hair Day With a Bandana

Didn’t have time to wash or style your hair for the day? Never fear, the scarf bandana is your lifesaver.

Start by styling your hair into a sleek low bun or ponytail. Then, fold the scarf diagonally into a triangle. Take the loose ends and tie them into a knot at the nape of your neck, under your bun/ponytail.

This is the perfect way to add charisma to your outfit while hiding your undone locks for the day!

Get Your Fashion Fix Right Here

Fashion scarves are always a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe as they’re suited to just about any season or any occasion.

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