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7 Accessories to Improve Rifle Accuracy and Balance

As a firearm owner, one should be aware that consistent practice makes you a precision shooter. For attaining accuracy, you may either get a latest rifle or upgrade your existing rifle with tikka t3x tac a1 accessories. For existing rifle owners buying a new rifle is not always necessary. One can even upgrade their existing rifle with the appropriate rifle parts. These Rifle accessories and  firearm parts add aesthetic value to the rifle and also improve its functionality. Rifle accessories will aid the competitive shooters to improve their performance. 

Some of the accessories which would help you optimize rifle accuracy are listed below :

1. Trigger

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The triggers in modern rifles are smooth, light, and user-friendly. The heavy and gritty triggers in your existing rifle may prove detrimental to shooting. You may have the right field position or bench rest set up on your rifle. However, heavy and rough trigger performance can disturb the shot during trigger squeeze.

Hence, to execute a clean shot, one can install an aftermarket trigger. The aftermarkets are much lighter in comparison to standard triggers. It is easier to squeeze off the shot with them without affecting the point of impact. Based on the purpose of your rifle you may select either a single-stage trigger or a two-stage trigger.

A single-stage trigger implies consistent pull weight for the entire length of pull from start to break. It is perfect for rapid fire and is popular among competitive shooters. A two-stage trigger has a slight take-up before firing. It is appropriate with hunters as it allows them to get ready for the shot, before shooting. Thus, a new trigger is both convenient to use and enhances your accuracy. 

2. Ammunition

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 Ammunition is an important accessory when talking about lever action accessories for accurate shooting. In cheap ammunition, quality control is not precise. A beginner may use cost-effective steel-cased ammo to train themselves in the shooting.

The user may not perform identical in all rounds but would get adequate training. However, if he spends on high-end ammo, to save on cost, the shooter may not practice shooting. Hence stock up a mix of different cartridges for different purposes.

Keep low-cost ammunition for training and use expensive bullets for self-defense and hunting. Most of the rifles respond better to specific bullet weights. Many brands of ammo offer sample packs loaded with different bullets. You may buy the sample pack to try several different loads and determine which works best for your rifle or flat trigger.

3. Stock

 A rifle or a flat trigger and it’s accuracy depends upon the stock it rests in. Hence, the stocks should be stiff enough to keep your gun steady and should also absorb the force of recoil. You must opt for the new stock if the old rifle stock is ill-fitted against your shoulder. Aftermarket stocks are available in various materials, colors, and styles. They are available at low prices and are easy to install. 

Based on your preference, laminated wood, composite, or a machined metal chassis-type stock, ensure it is stable and rigid to boost accuracy and consistency. An adjustable rifle stock helps you in creating a rifle that fits your body. You may also have your unique rifle stock as many manufacturers provide laser engraving options. 

Aftermarket customizing kits are available to upgrade the finish. Replacing rifle stock adds to eye appeal along with improving your rifle’s accuracy.

4. Barrels

Barrels have a life expectancy and if you have been a regular shooter, you may notice changes in shots at the range. High-quality aftermarket barrels provide superior results in comparison to the old barrels. The manufacturers have set high standards by developing precision barrels. These are available at a reasonable price. 

Barrels of popular brands have bore dimensions that are uniform throughout their length. There are neither tighter areas that lead to increased pressure nor loose areas that cause fall off in the pressure. 

The M-LOK handguards for instance, are a great example when it comes to rifles with versatile accessory options. 

Stainless steel barrels are more accurate as they are molded to achieve precision. Ensure to match your barrel length to your expected shooting distance for accuracy. For instance, a 16-inch barrel is ideal for shooting at 100 yards. For a range beyond 300 yards, a 20-inch barrel will propel the bullet faster. 

5. Optics

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 The optic is the most important upgrade for attaining accuracy. Based upon your intended use, you may choose between a red dot sight, prism scopes, or variable power scopes. They are available at all price ranges that suit your budget.

Red Dot

With a conventional scope, you have to position your eye at the right distance from the optic. Red Dot is a non-magnifying reflector sight for the firearm. It gives the user the point of aim in the form of an illuminated red dot.

Prism Scopes

Prism scopes allow the magnification of up to 500 yards of vision which is a good range for most people.

Variable Power Scopes 

Variable Power Scopes let you adjust the magnification manually. It includes scopes with 1x minimum magnification and maximum magnification between 4x and 10 xs. Mount your scopes with high-quality bases and rings.

6. Bed the Action

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 Bedding the action implies proper fit between barreled action and stock. When the fit of the barreled action within the rifle stock is poor, the rifle will be inaccurate. 

Hence, after every shot, the barreled rifle action used to move and vibrate within the rifle stock. This often led to inconsistency. Proper bedding ensures the appropriate movement of the stock and barreled action. It is advisable to get the bedding one by a professional rifle smith. 

Bedding improves rifle accuracy and breathes new life to an old rifle.

7. Free-Float Handguard/Rail Systems

Another accessory that can enhance the accuracy of your rifle is free-float handguards. Free float handguards mount directly on the upper reliever of your rifle. Hence it does not come in contact with the barrel and thereby improves accuracy. Free-float handguards work like a stand that holds the gun in its place and provides greater accuracy.


It is advisable that initially, you attain considerable knowledge and practical training about rifle shooting to achieve accuracy. The main purpose of the upgrade with rifle accessories is to enhance the functionality of your rifle. Some other important rifle accessories are loop levers and lever action rails.

Hence, when upgrading the rifle, do not be swayed by accessories installed by other Firearm owners. Instead, invest adequate time and energy to prioritize the accessories that will benefit you the most. Ensure that the accessories installed by you are compatible with each other and other components of your rifle. While upgrading, strive for performance to achieve the desired accuracy.


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