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8 Free Putlocker Alternatives Websites

Are you one of the movies fans that are searching for new sites like Putlocker? If so, you are in the right place.

Here are the top 8 sites like Putlocker

1. AZmovies

The name of AZmovies in itself gives a clue that every kind of movie and series are accessible on this website, making it a great putlocker alternatives website to watch free movies online.

The list of free movies sites are totally free to use with no sign-up, and the amount of advertisements is likewise restricted. The UI of these free movies sites are also very basic yet beautiful, which may make one question how come such a nice appearing website is free. Furthermore, the streaming quality is likewise excellent, with choices of streaming in 360p as well as 1080p accessible.

In conclusion, this free movies site is likewise a great one when you are in a mood to relax and amuse yourself with movies or series.

2. Tubi the free movies sites

Tubi is another rival of free movies sites that provide video streaming online for free. It is a highly popular site with more than 10,000 visits per month. Reviews and ratings are also accessible, and these aspects are extremely useful in choosing what to watch.

This putlocker alternatives site offers access to many movies and TV shows for free, and because it is free, the number of popups are fairly frequent. But on the positive side, these advertisements do not show up throughout playback. You may also download the app for free for a better and more effective experience.

3. Moviestars

Moviestars is a recently established service for online streaming of movies and TV shows because of that it does not have several users, but the numbers are steadily increasing.

The layout of this website is extremely elegant and simple with the search bar placed in the middle. The library is actually quite good, and he can watch anything from Warner Bros to Marvel.

This website is free to use, and because it is new, the amount of ads are practically none. Overall, this website is worth a try.

4. Streamm4U

Streamm4U is another great option for free movies sites since this website provides a mind-blowing number of various filters and sections that enhance the movie experience more enjoyable.

The video playing of this free movies site is likewise extremely fluid and quick, and the same goes for the interface. There are some ads, but they don’t show up during playback. You may also simply change servers if you encounter difficulties in streaming anything.

This website is likewise totally free and does not require any registration or sign up and is certainly a must-try for any movie and series fan.

5. MoviesJoy the free movies sites

Just as the name indicates, the MoviesJoy website provides delight via the great movies and tv show collection it contains. On the website’s homepage, you will discover a search bar and the popular movies & series, which helped make the interface user pleasant.

The genre availability is very broad, and you may watch a movie in HD resolution as well. The playing is extremely smooth and quick, and advertisements don’t show up throughout playback. Rating or also available, which provides a bit greater insight into the movie.

6. SpaceMov

Spacemov is the website renowned for the excellent HD quality experience it offers to its customers. You may also search for movies from other nations on our website.

Moreover, trailers are also accessible that assists you in choosing if you want to view the material or not. The interface is basic, and everything is absolutely free. Advertisements are present on this website, but they don’t show up during playing. In case you encounter difficulties in streaming a specific video, then this website also provides alternative URLs to watch the same stuff.

7. YesMovies

It is better to speak yes to movies while you are on the YesMovies site. The greatest thing about this website is its really simple and clean layout and is part of those sites like putlocker to give a try.

Users may see a search bar on the site and nothing else and will use that bad to locate the appropriate movie or show. However, if you are searching for recommendations, you may select them from the filter choices provided on the top corners of this page.

The quality of streaming is absolutely excellent, and so is the selection. Nevertheless, the diverting links and pop up advertisements may be a cause of the disruption.

8. StreamLord

Another great sites like putlocker for viewers is the streamlord website. This website has thousands of visitors each month worldwide and is steadily getting some recognition and renown.

The number of advertising is nearly equivalent to nil on this website, and the option for free registration is also accessible, but it is not required. Highway, if you chose to register on our website, you will be able to keep track of what you have seen, and recommendations will come up appropriately.

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