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9 Best Most Profitable Franchises to Own in 2022

Starting and running a successful business from the ground up can be challenging for most people. According to statistics,90% of startups fail, with 10% failing during their first year. One way to start a business with fewer risks is by taking up a franchise opportunity from an already established company. Franchises provide a solid corporate network, a marketing and expansion framework and an established brand.  With the right franchise, you will run your business with the help of motivated and experienced management and enjoy fast growth, ease of supervision, and increased profitability beyond your projections.

With so many companies offering franchise opportunities, finding a brand you can trust and one that will hold your hand throughout the journey is crucial. In this article, we review some of the best franchises you can invest in 2022. To learn more about these franchise opportunities, click here now.

The Taffer’s

Taffer’s franchise opportunity is a good start if you’re interested in starting and running a restaurant and bar business with low start-up costs and minimal staff. As a successful award-winning mogul in the hospitality industry, The Taffer’s is a lifetime opportunity. Your new business will benefit from professional guidance from the famous television star and entrepreneur Jon Taffer. You will also learn everything about the hospitality industry as the franchise model offers sustainable opportunities for growth.

The PayMore Franchise

PayMore is an electronic franchise that boasts six-digit profits. With the increased reliance on electronic gadgets, PayMore is undoubtedly in an industry that is here to stay for a very long time. With over 10 years in the industry, PayMore has established its reputation as an environmentally conscious company. With this franchise opportunity, you can leverage and earn from used gadgets. The franchise also gives you a chance to enjoy personalized support and digital software tools, making running your business effortless. Furthermore, you can invest in a PayMore franchise for under $300,000.

The Curry Up Now Franchise

The Curry Up Now is an excellent franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs fascinated about selling the hottest Indian foods in the market. The opportunity comes with low start-up costs plus high success rates mainly due to the level of guidance you get in establishing your brand.

The Halal Guys

Looking to start an authentic Mediterranean food restaurant? The Halal Guys have the right franchise opportunity for you, especially if you are based in Western countries such as the U.S. The opportunity provides the suitable guidance you need to succeed in the food industry.

The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Franchise

As the world adapts to the drastic digital changes, your business also needs to implement such changes to help drive customers interested in brands using new technologies in their dealings. The Brooklyn Dumpling Franchise is your best shot if you are in the food industry. The company offers franchises for fast food businesses using the cutting-edge technology known as the quick-serve restaurant {QSR}. Your food business will effortlessly succeed with this model due to the convenient menus and items with lower prices per table.

The Rise

For a profitable restaurant opportunity dealing with chicken food services, Rise has a reasonable franchise opportunity. The Rise Biscuit Chicken Franchise is a great opportunity with low start-up costs. Rise offers conversion-ready stores which are already in use in Maryland and California. Your Rise Franchise will have customers streaming in with little marketing effort as it is an established brand.

The Jars

The Jars provides franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in dessert services at the best prices. The frozen dessert service is a cash cow with very low operation costs. With the increased demand for frozen desserts, you can be sure you will be reaping great profits from your investment.

The Ike’s Love and Sandwiches

For a sandwich business known for impeccable guest experiences and loyal customers, including celebrities, the Ike’s Love and sandwiches will likely be your best franchise opportunity. Take the chance and start a sandwich business of any size that will drive high-profile clients your way so you can effortlessly expand your brand.

The Savannah Seafood Shack Franchise

Running a seafood restaurant can be challenging as you can get it right or wrong. With the Savannah Seafood Shacks, you have a franchise opportunity with dependable guidance to succeed regardless of the location and size of your business.  In addition, the Savannah Shacks also offer reliable and effective marketing strategies to help make your business successful irrespective of the market outreach.


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