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A Complete Guide to Everything You Should Know About Plastic Fundraising Cards

Fundraising cards are the greatest tools to raise funds for any school club, community group, sports team, etc. Using these discounted cards means purchasing cards in advance to sell them at retail prices. 

Plastic discount cards are incredibly popular in providing large profit margins. Thus, they have become an easy fundraiser. Additionally, they are also highly effective for bringing your cause to the donor’s notice. 

If you are still away from using plastic fundraising cards, then here are some of the powerful tips on how to benefit the most from it.

  • Cost-effective option:It is a great fundraising option as the only thing you require is to purchase plastic cards. It is an affordable tool for donors to support your cause.
  • Revenue Generator: Fundraising cards are an effective way to generate revenue easily. It is an added support to your organization’s fundraising activities and efforts such as events, charities, etc.
  • Easily Accessible Discounts: The best part of using these plastic cards is that all sorts of discounts are incorporated into a single card. Thus, it is a perfect solution for all the cardholders to quickly access discounts.
  • Beneficial for Community Businesses:Businesses featuring fundraising cards get an opportunity to receive more customers. This increases their revenue generation in exchange for a discount.

How does it work?

Plastic fundraising cards printng include the logo and branding of your organization on the front. The back of the card features all kinds of discounts for businesses. The cardholders can simply show the card whenever they want to use the discount. 

Cardholders get a chance to choose their favorable discounts from endless options that they want to be featured on the back of the plastic card. While there are few businesses that offer discounts in terms of a percentage off a meal or a freebie with a purchase made, there are others that might offer free or discounted services.

How Much Can You Raise?

You need to determine the cost of ordering the fundraising cards, which often starts at a very nominal price. To start with, you can provide 1-2 cards to each fundraiser in your organization. These cards can be used by their family, friends, or other potential donors. This will help you to avoid unnecessary costs involved in ordering more cards than required, which can also affect your potential profits.

How to Reach Out to Businesses for Your Fundraising Card?

Pro Tip: Your first priority should be reaching out to local businesses in your surrounding area to create a list of discounts. Before designing your plastic fundraising card, follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Build a List of Businesses:At first, create a list of all the local businesses that you want to reach out.
  • Visit the Businesses in-person: Rather than contacting the local businesses through calls or emails to ask for discounts, visit them to have a face-to-face conversation.
  • Discuss the Benefits of the Fundraising Card: These plastic cards can benefit businesses in increasing their number of customers as these cards offer a discount in exchange for an advertisement. Apart from these, there are many other benefits of using fundraising cards that we have already discussed in this guide. Prepare to bring these positives into the limelight. 
  • Have a Contract in place:Always make sure to create a contract for businesses that give discounts. The sections to be included in the contract are business name, business contact details, discount type, and a signature. This will act as a security in the process of raising funds for your organization.

Final Note

You will find a lot of fundraising methods, but the use of plastic discount cards are tried-and-tested methods that can bring immense success in boosting donations. It is a quick and easy way, especially if you are looking for a simple yet effective method to start raising more funds for your organization. This type of activity will convince the donors to support your cause. As they can also be customized with your organization’sbranding, thus they effectively act as a great marketing tool to raise awareness regarding your cause.


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