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Admire the Beauty of Fukuoka with Open Souls

Etihad Airways is one of the best airlines I’ve ever flown with because of its cancellation policy. Everything from arranging my trip to assisting me with travel management was done from the comfort of my own home with the help of the reservation team. 

Conversation path with the provider

Passengers traveling on the UAE’s carrier are provided with every comfort. That being said, if I have previously booked an airline ticket but am still dubious about my vacation plans, I may cancel them anytime I want by paying a small cancellation charge in accordance with the Etihad cancellation policy.

Why I chose the Etihad Airways

Due to a series of obstacles in my life, I was ready to cancel my planned trip. Etihad Airways is aware of the problem and is working with me to assist better. As the airline understands that traveling might be difficult, it provides quick trip cancellation. 

Right to solve concerns

I was happy with the approach. So, before I cancel my ticket, I need to study the Etihad Cancellation Policy to rule out any anomalies. If you wish to cancel your Etihad Airways flight ticket, you must first grasp the refund policy while continuing to learn the cancellation clauses. 

According to the agency, passengers would not continue unless they knew about the Etihad cancellation policy. It makes me a fan of them since they are one of those airlines that wishes to provide a clear picture of their cancellation conditions rather than masking them as many others do. 

A quick switch on the Etihad Cancellation Policy

The airlines have established some criteria by which I must abide. According to the Etihad Cancellation Policy, a client may cancel a flight ticket bought with Etihad Airways within 24 hours after booking. You will save money on cancellation and other charges as a result of doing so. 

When the risk-free period ends, the airline will charge cancellation fees according to the pricing category. Once I was happy with the Etihad Cancellation Policy, I asked him to purchase my ticket to Fukuoka.

Journey to the path of beauties

We reserve our flight and drove to the airport. The voyage was fairly easy; we arrived at the port on time, got a taxi to the hotel, slept our souls, and are now ready to view the beauty of Fukuoka.

Japan’s southernmost island, is the economic, administrative, and cultural center of Kyushu, as well as one of the most developed municipalities in the nation. Fukuoka is basically two cities split by the Naka river: Fukuoka and Hakata. Fukuoka is well-known for its outstanding clay Hakata dolls. It is around 200 kilometers from Busan and is a popular destination for South Korean visitors. It is said to be Japan’s oldest city since it is the closest to China and the Korean Peninsula. 

Fukuoka Castle

The castle is a magnificent representation of the large 17th-century hilltop fortress that Japan’s ruling class has long desired. Fukuoka Castle has two names: Maizuru Castle and Seki Castle. It’s said to have been 47,000 square meters in size, and it still stands tall on a large stone foundation overlooking the Naka River. Highlights of a visit include seeing the remains of an even earlier guest house built for visiting diplomats, the only one of its kind in Japan, and seeing a number of the medieval castle gates, turrets, and towers inside the enormous castle grounds.

Kyūshū National Museum

The Kyushu National Museum opened in 2005 made headlines because of its award-winning architectural design and it was Japan’s first new national museum to open in more than a century. This cutting-edge edifice, which is meant to store a huge publicly owned collection of art and historically important artifacts related to the island’s rich history, could easily keep visitors entertained for the greater part of a day. Several archeological sites have exhibitions of unearthed ancient artifacts as well as displays demonstrating the island’s greater history as a trade route between Japan and neighboring China and Korea.

Dazaifu Tenman-gu

The place is another well-known temple in Fukuoka. It is symbolically dedicated to the goddess of education and particularly popular with students who need to pass tests, and you’ll see them there all the time purchasing little wooden prayer tablets to put at the shrine. The Honden, or main shrine, is the most conspicuous of the complex’s several structures. This structure was erected circa 905 AD and has been altered multiple times since then, with the current shape coming from 1591. 

The complex is noteworthy for its many lesser shrines as well as the Treasury, which stores many of the site’s most cherished antiquities. There are many large public parks in Fukuoka that are worth exploring. Ohori Park, a recognized scenic beauty spot only a few minutes walk from the city center, is one of the most popular.


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