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Baby Shower Planning 101: The Ultimate Checklist

Over 70% of moms have two baby showers, so if you’re hosting one of them, you’ll want it to stand out!

But, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. A baby shower isn’t something you throw every day, and it’s a party that means a lot to the mommy-to-be, so there’s a whole lot of pressure to get it right.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of information out there to make baby shower planning easier. We’ve put together the top tips you need to know right here, saving you a lot of time and helping you plan a gorgeous party that everyone will remember.

Read on to find out more!

When Should You Throw the Baby Shower?

When it comes to how to plan a baby shower, there are a few aspects that you’ll need to involve the mom-to-be for. Choosing the right date is definitely one of them!

Most people throw baby showers around a month or two before the baby is due, but there are no rules. Your mom-to-be may want a baby shower earlier so that she’s less likely to be uncomfortable during the party or so she can focus on preparing for her arrival nearer her due date. Whatever she wants, the point here is to discuss it with her.

It’s also important you choose a date that the main guests can make. For your mom-to-be, that may include their own mom, close family members, and their best female friends. By ensuring all of their nearest and dearest can make it, you’re already on your way to hosting a brilliant shower!

Create Your Guestlist

Another part of planning you can include the mom-to-be in is creating the guest list. If you know them well (which is likely!), then you could probably do this without them. However, it’s wise to speak to them about how many people they want there, whether they want it to be female-only, and who they absolutely don’t want to be invited to ensure you don’t make any mistakes.

Don’t Forget to Send Out Invitations!

Once your guest list is finalized, send out your baby shower invitations as soon as possible! These don’t have to be over the top, and if you’re throwing the party on a budget, a simple text, phone call, or message will be more than good enough. However, it is nice to send the mom-to-be their own special invitation, which they can treasure as a keepsake.

You can find pre-made invites in many card stores. Or, you can make your own using craft store supplies, personalized card websites, or free online templates.

Is There a Gift Registry?

A lot of moms will set up a gift registry for their baby shower. This is a great way to avoid receiving duplicates and to make sure people buy items you actually need. Check with your mom-to-be whether or not she has a gift registry or a list of ideas that you can share with guests.

If she doesn’t, be sure to have some gift ideas in mind if people ask! Newborn baby essentials, like diapers, wipes, and vests, are always a great idea, as are baby toys and clothes for the little one to grow into. You can also suggest ideas for the mom-to-be, too, such as pampering items or vouchers for special gifts like breast milk jewelry – available from

Know Your Budget Before You Start

Once you’ve sorted the admin out, it’s time to start planning the day itself! Before you decide on anything, be sure to work out your budget. Always leave a little wriggle room for extras or emergencies, and ask those closest to the mom-to-be to contribute if you’re struggling, be it with money or by bringing along some decorations of their own.

The Different Types of Baby Showers

There are many different types of baby shower that you could choose to theme yours around. Some moms want more traditional baby showers, such as an all-female garden party or afternoon tea. Others like to have the father and male friends/family there, too.

There are also more religious and spiritual baby showers, which are ideal if the mom-to-be’s faith is very important to her. Some people also opt for a gender reveal party in place of the shower, which is a more modern option.

If you’re struggling to decide which type your mom-to-be will enjoy, you can always ask her. Don’t worry about ruining the surprise: there’ll be plenty of opportunities for more along the way!

Where Should You Host the Baby Shower?

Some mom-to-be’s will want the baby shower at their own home so that they don’t have to travel far if they’re near their due date. However, it’s more common to host the shower away from the mom’s home. Many planners will host the event at their own home or garden, which is great if you’re on a budget and provides a comfortable place for the mom-to-be to relax.

If you don’t want to host the party in your home, there are plenty of other pregnant-friendly options to choose from! A restaurant is a lovely setting for a relaxed, easy-going shower where the mom can sit and rest with her loved ones around her. You could also look into venue hire or host your shower in an outdoor public park, too (just remember to bring a comfy chair for your mommy-to-be!).

Will You Be Serving Food?

It’s common to serve food at a baby shower, even if it’s just nibbles. Of course, if you’re at a restaurant or cafe, you won’t have to worry about this! But if you’re hosting at a home or venue that doesn’t serve food, make sure you have plenty of time to sort out what your guests will be served.

This could be a good area to invest more of your budget if you don’t enjoy preparing food. By hiring catering, you remove a lot of the stress from planning and ensure the treats on offer are delicious. Even if you’re sticking to canapes and light bites, hiring a professional can quickly improve the quality of your shower and make it a special event.

Ideas For Baby Shower Games

Not every mom-to-be will want baby shower games, but it can be a good idea to have a few ready to go for other guests. Games are a great way to break the ice, create conversation starters, and add a little fun to your event! Just be sure the tone of your games matches the personality of your mom-to-be.

Some games to look into include:

  • Guess the date the baby will be born and how much they’ll weigh
  • Guess the gender (if you don’t already know)
  • Match the baby picture to each guest
  • Trivia questions about the mom to ask guests
  • Trivia questions about the dad to ask mom
  • Baby-themed charades
  • Pin the sperm on the egg

If you have a more formal, sophisticated baby shower, you don’t have to include any games at all. But be sure to have other entertainment prepared, such as music or themed events, to keep the shower flowing.

Be Sure to Decorate Your Venue

The decor of your event can make or break your day! It’s what helps a shower stand out from other occasions and is vital for creating a special party for your mom-to-be. How you decorate will vary depending on your baby shower themes, but there are some more general ideas that every shower can benefit from.

For example, flowers are a fantastic addition to indoor and outdoor events. A beautiful bouquet is a very feminine and sophisticated table centerpiece, while dried flowers in glass jars have a more rustic charm.

Balloons and banners are also common for baby showers. Choose two colors to theme yours around, such as pink and gold or blue and white, for a cohesive look that ties the party together.

The main area of a baby shower is often the cake and food table. To make yours look appealing, here are some quick tips:

  • Present sweet treats on cake stands
  • Stack fruit (like oranges or strawberries) in glass mason jars
  • Add a fabric tablecloth in a neutral color
  • Decorate your table with flowers

It’s also smart to keep your main table free of your plates and cutlery. Keep these items on a separate table to avoid clutter.

How Will You Capture the Day?

Every mom-to-be wants their baby shower caught on camera! If you have the money, it can be a lovely idea to hire a professional photographer, even for an hour or two. Or, hand film cameras to all of your guests to capture the day on, developing the film as a gift when the baby arrives.

Start Your Baby Shower Planning

Baby shower planning can seem like a big challenge, but breaking it down into these steps makes it a lot simpler! Work through the checklist, and you’ll have a beautiful party planned before you know it.

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