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Before packing your bags to the UAE … Know the budget here!

How much does it cost to travel to the United Arab Emirates?

1,014 AED ($ 276) is the average daily price to travel in the United Arab Emirates. The average price of meals in the UAE for one day is AED150 ($ 41). The average price of a hotel in the UAE for a couple is AED996 ($ 271). Additional prices are in the table below. These average travel prices have been compiled from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

One month per person

AED 30,410

How much money do I need for the United Arab Emirates?


AED 7.00

Airport taxi

AED 46

Daily car rental

AED 120

Rent Ferrari Dubai (Luxury & Sports Cars)

AED 600-1000

How much does it cost to travel to Dubai?

Emirati dirhams are the currency used in Dubai and AED 100 = $ 27. Getting to Dubai is not a very expensive matter if you are not visiting the emirate during the famous Dubai Shopping Festival. However, to book at the best rates, it is best to book in advance. 

You can also get to Dubai from other neighboring emirates. Landing in Sharjah instead of Dubai is a much cheaper option as the road distance between the two incredible emirates is just 20 kilometers. So you can save money by booking a flight to Sharjah instead of Dubai directly.

Hospitality in Dubai

Everything in Dubai is larger than life. The roads, rails, attractions, food, and even warm people. Known for their hospitality, the people of Dubai are eager to help you and English is spoken fluently everywhere. It is amazing to see so many different and vibrant people living in one place in peace and harmony. The city has a significant population of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and other Asians. Most of them are here on employment contracts. I have seen Emiratis displaying their pet tigers in their supercars and also low-wage Asian workers eating at street restaurants for less than AED 4.

How much does public transport cost in Dubai?

Metro Rail  – Dubai has a super efficient metro rail system. These driverless subway trains are the fastest and cheapest way to travel the length and breadth of Dubai. To travel by metro, you need to obtain a NOI card. You cannot use cash to travel. There are several tickets available. You can take a red ticket and you can use it up to 10 trips or 5-day passes at the incredible cost of AED1.

Road transport  – Taxis are frequent but more expensive than buses. Dubai bus transportation is very convenient. There are many special buses that organize exclusive tours of Dubai for tourists. These tours give you an overview of the best attractions in the city in an inexpensive way. The buses serve primarily low-income groups and are well-maintained, clean, and air-conditioned. Average cost is AED 2 per trip with a prepaid NOI card, but buses can be a bit slow, especially during peak traffic hours.

What is the cost of accommodation in Dubai?

Living in Dubai is a matter of choice. From the epitome of luxury to budget options, Dubai has a wide range of budget options. Finding bedrooms is a bit difficult. Youth hostels are the next best option for those on a budget, but it is also limited. Hotels in Dubai start from as low as $ 25 per night. If traveling on the Dubai metro is not a problem, you also have the freedom to choose hotels away from the main city. They come at a much cheaper price than those in the heart of the city.

Urban accommodation in Dubai has no upper limit. The city boasts of  the most luxurious hotel in the world: the Burj Al Arab  where the cost per night is a minimum of $ 24000. A normal urban hotel room costs around $ 35- $ 50 per night, which will have Wi-Fi , a comfortable room with air conditioning and toiletries. Recreational facilities such as swimming pool and gym etc. may not be accessible depending on hotel policies.

Residence and Spa at One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai  is one of the best hotels in Dubai with rates starting at USD 484 / night per double room.

How much does food cost in Dubai?

You have to be a foodie and be ready to eat everything (I mean edible street food) if you want to save BIG on your food cost. Dubai as a city has impeccable food options and almost all of the world famous cuisines are available here such as Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Arabic, Emirati, Portuguese, European, Thai, and the list goes on.

Dubai has a colossal range of restaurants and eateries for all budgets. While the Sheikh Zayed Road and  Dubai Marina  area caters to the best diners, areas like Al Satwa, Al Karama, and Deira are the hub for inexpensive restaurants and street food venues.

Food tips in Dubai:

  1. Dubai is pretty safe when it comes to hygiene and food quality, but still, you need to look around the stall carefully to see if it is clean if you are eating at a roadside restaurant.
  2. The water in Dubai is considered safe to drink according to WHO standards. So you don’t need to buy expensive mineral water bottles. You can drink water directly from the tap and not get sick.

Practical tips for a smooth trip to Dubai

  1. Dubai is very hot. The desert city can be very harsh during peak summer months, even after most tourist attractions in the city are air-conditioned. Don’t forget to bring hats, caps, full-sleeved clothing, and plenty of sunscreen.
  2. While in Dubai, don’t forget to spend a night at the Sheikh Mohammed Center of the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). The interaction will completely change your perspective towards Islamic culture and religion.
  3. You don’t need to carry your laptop while traveling in Dubai. With the help of cloud solutions from  CloudDesktopOnline  and the CloudAppsPortal page,    access your desktop and files online from anywhere with your favorite device.
  4. To save a lot on food without sacrificing your giant appetite, keep an eye out for amazing happy hour meals and eat as many lunches as you want.

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