Today, we have smartphones with touchscreens, 5G connections, microwave ovens, and automatic machines. The focus is increasingly on creating automated solutions with little or no human intervention. One of the examples of this is an automated email marketing campaign. Once you record all the data and prepare the marketing message, all you have to do is click the send button. The CRM will send out emails by itself, record user interactions, and send the next batch of emails automatically depending on their responses. You can use this data to take useful actions.

Many eCommerce and shopping websites have already shifted to automated and live support features. These help to provide better services to customers. Even in the absence of a customer support agent, these tools or extensions can help site visitors share their queries and receive viable solutions. If a solution is not available, they can record user feedback that a resource can respond to later on. Such solutions only require internet plans with high-value customer service which you can get by dialing Spectrum customer service phone number for your plans to work.

It is time for you too to deploy live support extensions on your website to increase client interaction and engagement to promote your products and services. Here are five of the best live support extensions:


The extension from Magento is fully customizable. You can perform many actions on this useful tool. You can create short URLs to promote the search engine ranking of your website. Website visitors can use this live support extension to ask questions. They can even send files and images with this tool to you.

Another solution from the company is Magento 2 RMA. RMA stands for return merchandise authorization. It helps companies to connect with their customers by recording and responding to their feedback. This helps in building a relationship of trust between them.


Livezilla comes with many customization options. You can also get access to the PHP code for all versions. To support this extension, it is mandatory to install MySQL and PHP. You can store the data of customers on your server without any interference from any third parties. Therefore, the users can rest assured that their data is safe. Additionally, the tool also masks IP addresses. This helps to provide better protection against cyberattacks and spyware. Moreover, Livezilla works without cookies. It also complies with various security standards and data privacy regulations.


REVE is a live chat support extension that will help you in recording customer queries and providing answers instantly to increase your sales, boost client engagement, and build a relationship of trust with customers. Some of the main features are as follows:

Voice and Video Chat Capabilities

You can talk to your clients directly by allowing them to make a voice or video call. With a simple click-to-call feature, they can contact you.

Integration with Facebook Messaging

You can integrate Facebook with REVE and respond to your Facebook clients from its dashboard.

Integration with Viber

You can also integrate Viber with REVE. Similar to Facebook Messaging, you can respond to user queries from REVE’s dashboard.

Visitor Analytics

The tool also provides user analytics. You can use them to improve your chat support or related features. Have a look at the browsing sessions of users to improve your website.

Office Management

The tool can direct queries to relevant departments.

Chat Monitoring

You can monitor the activities of your live chat resource in real-time. With the help of this data, you can single out the loopholes in the responses. Sit down with the resource and guide him/her to provide a better customer experience to site visitors.


The tool also lets your clients know if all the operators are busy.  


Joomla is a very good tool that provides a remarkable customer experience to the visitors to your website. The tool will “talk” with site visitors, analyze web traffic, and have a look at individual browsing sessions. Later, you can use these statistics to respond to special user queries. The tool also comes with excellent web crawling and keyword optimization features.


OpenCart is another live support extension that excels in entertaining user queries and resolving them efficiently. For your online store, you can add this extension to screen webpage traffic and have a look at user sessions as well. Apart from this, the tool also comes with a web crawler.

These extensions and tools are quite simple, however, they work wonders. They will allow you to entertain client queries even without a human resource. Yet, the experience will be quite humane. With proper responses to client queries, the loyalty of your customers will improve. These tools will also encourage them to buy from your website without any second thoughts.