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Breastfeeding Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

Lactation Can Be A Challenge

Nursing your child should be the easiest, most natural thing in the world, right? Well, that would be the case, if it weren’t for the fact that reality doesn’t even care a little bit about how things “ought” to be. Reality only cares how things “are”. Here’s what that means if you’re a new mom: sometimes you’re going to have lactation challenges. We’ll explore solutions here.

Breasts That Produce Milk at the Wrong Time

One reason you might have trouble producing milk could be timing. It may not be that your breasts aren’t productive, it could be that you’re expressing at times when the baby isn’t hungry. If that’s the case, a simple fix is pumping your breasts as soon as you start to lactate, and storing the milk in a refrigerator or freezer for when the baby is hungry.

You and your baby should “sync up”, but the modern world throws plenty of impediments between you and realizing this natural process. Pump your breasts, and try to realign feeding schedules if possible. You can’t always do it, but you may be more successful than you would have thought possible.

Solutions for Difficulties Producing Milk

Sometimes you’re having milk supply issues owing to your diet. In other scenarios, you might have congenital issues which genetically inhibit your ability to nourish via breastfeeding.

For most women, there are things you can do that will quickly fix the issue; but you may want to find a doctor if such measures don’t work. That said, follow this link to learn how to increase milk supply fast. These steps should help you get over this hurdle with relatively little complication.

Latch Issues and Soreness

Your baby should automatically latch to your nipple and have little trouble nursing. That’s what we imagine, anyway. The reality is, new moms have never nursed before, and new babies have never existed before; so there’s a learning curve. Follow this link for information on latch issues, and their remedies. Also, expect to be sore if you’re new to nursing.

Especially when the baby is hungry, you may well experience sore paps for a while. You can use petroleum jelly to soothe your nipples, breast milk itself is also helpful, and in time, your nipples will toughen up in ways that reduce associated discomfort. For a few weeks or a month, though, you’re likely going to be uncomfortable.

Have breast pumps and salves available if you can’t take it. If you can tough it out, that’s good; but keep in mind, the process can take a little time.

Doing What You Can to Be Prepared

There are going to be unexpected situations you encounter as a new mom. Breastfeeding is often one of them: it won’t necessarily go as you thought it would. You’ll likely experience latch issues, soreness, and production complications in terms of the time you express, and milk quantity. Ready resources help you solve such problems.


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