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Choosing The Right Toilet

Before you install your new toilet, you need to make sure you choose one that fits the space, but also fits you. Toilets come in all shapes and sizes, and some have more depth than others. Some toilets sit higher, and some have wider seats. Don’t forget about color, or the flushing mechanism, those are both unique features that you should consider before buying. After you have identified the toilet that is right for your bathroom, you need to get it installed. We suggest having it installed by a professional, but if you’re a DIY hero, then go ahead and get it done!

Getting A Toilet Installed Properly That Won’t Leak

Getting a toilet installed properly is important to ensure that any area of the bathroom is well sealed to prevent leaking and water damage to the home. Any water damage that occurs can be a costly repair and, when not addressed quickly, can result in the growth of mold and even illness. To ensure that leaks do not occur, it is necessary to line up the plumbing correctly, use the right seals, and ensure that a water-tight seal is created. 

Professional Installation

Where I’m from, we would rely on a professional toilet installation service in Canberra, which would ensure that each step is correctly finished and will offer the best chance of a properly installed toilet that will not leak. The plumber will ensure that the plumbing is in the correct place, prepare the space and the toilet itself with the correct seals and gather all the needed supplies and tools. The seal is placed between the pipes and the toilet, and a sealant may be used if needed. Before bolting, the bottom seals will be checked, and the alignment will be ensured. While professional installation is more costly than basic supplies to do it without, it can save money in the long run by ensuring that it is done correctly. In addition, professionals take less time and will have all the needed tools.

Self Installation

When self installing a toilet, it can be done without a professional. The plumbing will already be in place, and all the needed supplies are easily available at the nearby hardware store. Replacing each seal, even if it doesn’t look like it needs to be changed, is a crucial step when installing a new toilet in place of an old one. Once the weight has been shifted, the seal will be open to the air around it as well as having been separated, making it best to replace it. Following directions for each step is imperative, as any missed steps can result in a leak. 

What Happens When It Leaks

A leak around or in a toilet will cause water to flood the floor, and it can find its way to registers, vents, and underneath cupboards. The water can loosen the glue that holds down flooring and can damage the wood of both cupboards as well as the flooring. As it works through the floor, it can cause damage to the subfloor and to the ceiling of the room beneath. Damages can be caused to the baseboards and the drywall of the bathroom due to a leak in the bathroom. Even a small leak can lead to thousands of dollars in damages and require the replacement of drywall, flooring, and even subflooring. It can create damage in the room where the leak occurs and in the rooms below and around. As the water stands before drying and gets into the wood, it grows bacteria and can develop mold on surfaces. People can become sick from being around not only standing water but also from the mold that develops.


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