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Creative Ways to Test Vocabulary skills

With students’ limited attention spans, rote memorization of a small subset of the vocabulary they need to know makes word lists a poor choice for increasing students’ vocabulary levels. Is there a problem with the planned administration of vocabulary tests?

If an exam is to be entirely fair, you only need to test what has already been covered in some form. Some of the most common methods for learning new words, such as guessing from context or consulting a dictionary, can be quite effective yet aren’t appropriate for use in vocabulary test.

Innovative Approaches to Vocabulary Assessment

The ability to assess student progress in various ways, beyond just vocabulary, is a valuable asset. However, extending your vocabulary is similar to going on a diet: You must put forth some work, and there is no magic trick, no secret, and a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Use Art to Illustrate Vocabulary

Consider employing a sketching activity if you’re looking for a unique and pleasant way to test your vocabulary. Given a list of vocabulary phrases to learn, assign students the task of creating an image that represents each word on the list as you call them out one at a time. This is ideal for use with sight word lists. On the other hand, it is also possible to add vocabulary into the learning process through sight word reading activities, which can be extremely beneficial.

  • Examples and Non-Examples should be identified.

Have students utilize their critical thinking skills to reply to audio examples of sentences in which vocabulary words are correctly and poorly employed.

1. Make two lists: one with correct usage and the other incorrectly used vocabulary words.

2. Students can recognize vocabulary words and judge if they are used appropriately or incorrectly by pausing between sentences as they read each one aloud.

3. If you’d prefer, you can have them give a vocal or manual “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” response. Students might also compile a list of their answers, which they could then grade and total after the exercise.

  • Brainstorm Words in Categories

Another method of assessing children’s vocabulary is to assign them a specific category and ask them to list all of the terms they know that fall into that category. For example, you can ask them to list all the words that come to mind that represent different emotions. Alternatively, you may ask students to construct a list of words related to the ocean or the sea. Check their lists for words that don’t belong in the category, and then add up their scores to evaluate how well they generally understand the subject matter. 

  • Make a skit.

Classes that require students to write or deliver a brief speech that includes vocabulary words in front of the class might assist professors in determining whether or not students can legitimately use vocabulary words in their writing and dialogue. Throughout your writing, you’ll need to incorporate several vocabulary terms in order to comply with the most significant requirements. If they have used enough words and used them in a way that displays their understanding, it is crucial to establish whether or not they have utilized them effectively.

  • Create a catchy title for your project.

Kids’ ingenuity can be pushed to the limit by assigning them the task of developing imaginative titles for their favorite forms of entertainment that use terms from their current vocabulary list. Any of these can be used as a starting point for them to come up with the name of their project. The condition is that the word can’t be used humorously or nonsensically. Their title must use the correct grammar and vocabulary. It’s possible to ask to build one for each word on an extensive vocabulary list.
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