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Debunking the Most Common Residential Cleaning Myths That Exist Today

Did you know that the average person cleans their home around seven times a month? According to a recent survey, this includes chores like mopping, doing the dishes, and wiping surfaces. Other areas like the toilet, windows, and bathtubs were considered deep cleaning and were done less often.

Are you thinking about giving your home a good cleaning? If so, now is the perfect time to learn more about the subject. But before you start, be sure to check out these top common residential cleaning myths below first.

Commercial Cleaning Products Are Better Than Homemade Ones

The first myth that many a smart homeowner has fallen for is that commercial products are better than homemade ones. In reality, there are many recipes that are just as effective as the ones in the store. They can often be safer too since you know exactly what you have put into them.

Bleach Is an All-Purpose Cleaner

While bleach is a very effective tool used in the cleaning industry, it should be used with caution in the home especially if you have children or pets. It can be corrosive to sensitive skin and the odor can be too strong in small spaces, so practice pet-safe cleaning. Otherwise, bleach is effective to use on certain surfaces and some laundry but shouldn’t be used to clean everything in the house.

Cleaning Is the Same as Disinfecting

Another common misconception is that cleaning equals disinfecting when that’s not the case. Cleaning means that you are simply removing dirt and dust from surfaces while disinfecting means that you are killing germs. It makes a big difference when you are talking about areas like the toilet and kitchen sink that commonly have a lot of germs.

Cleaning Solutions Work Immediately

Ever sprayed a cleaning solution on a surface and then wiped it away immediately? Chances are, you didn’t give it enough time to work. Depending on what type it is, you have to leave it on for a few minutes or more for it to be effective.

Hiring a Residential Cleaning Service Is Expensive

Many people think that hiring cleaners is a luxury and a big expense. But now more than ever, cleaning services have become more affordable and can save you time spent cleaning and money on cleaning supplies. You can contact companies like precision cleaning services to find out more information and see if it fits your budget.

Ready To Have Your Home Cleaned?

Now that you’ve learned all about the most common residential cleaning myths, you can be proactive. Do away with any outdated cleaning methods that aren’t helping or are harming your home. If you want a professional cleaning, find the best cleaning company in your area to clean your home right.

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