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Evolution of Artificial Intelligence as a Part of your Daily Routine

Artificial intelligence has evolved over the years to make our lives easier. There are so many ways in which artificial intelligence plays a significant role to improve our daily lives and has a significant impact on our well-being. We do not realize it often but AI assists us in so many activities that we perform in our daily lives. The majority of the global population believes that AI has added significant value to their lives by providing them with ease of function.

Initially, AI was subtly changing some aspects of our lives and making things more convenient for us. This technology is all-pervasive now and it is all around us. From providing us with weather forecasts and communication platforms to search engine optimization and voice recognition. The benefits provided by AI will always overpower the difficulties because technology is always evolving and getting more powerful with time. It is interesting to see how artificial intelligence has governed the most common activities of our daily lives, yet we do not realise it as we go about our days.

All the industries that operate heavily on technology and machinery have adopted the concept of artificial intelligence. Even wedding companies such as FNP venues and other wedding planners use AI to showcase their work virtually to their clients. Even interior designers and architects take advantage of this technology to improve their work and evolve as an industry. To understand how artificial intelligence is helpful to us, it is imperative to understand what AI means and how it functions.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that is specifically associated with the intelligent behaviour of machines. It refers to the resourceful ability of machines to simulate and understand human behaviour and their behavioural patterns to track their routine. With the use of programmed machine technology, most of our everyday activities can take place seamlessly and flawlessly. Artificial technology is highly technical and specialised research. AI is used to program computers to instate certain traits such as learning, perception, planning, ability to manipulate, knowledge, reasoning and problem-solving.

The following list of information will give a detailed idea of how artificial intelligence is making it easy for us to perform our daily tasks without any obstruction.

–      Social media: Artificial intelligence plays a significant role when it comes to determining your social media usage. AI learns the kind of content you resonate with so it can personalise your feed and the kind of posts you see on social media platforms. By learning your history on social media platforms, AI makes it easy for you to filter the information that you receive. The trending feature of chatbots is also becoming popular as it streamlines communication and provides helpful content to customers with inquiries. 

–      Web searching: When you look for certain things on Google, it gives you recommendations to choose from. This is AI helping you out to narrow down your searches. It helps you to filter this information based on your previous searches and search history. Artificial intelligence helps Google’s algorithm in a way that it delivers the best results to the searcher. AI factors in to ensure that the quality of content is maintained and the queries are solved. So much so that even voice search queries such as Siri and Alexa are backed by artificial intelligence. 

–      Event industry: Artificial intelligence is a technology that is easy to implement at a low cost. By investing in “smart tech”, the event industry has evolved and has managed to conquer AI most appropriately. From the music industry to the wedding industry, AI has played a significant role in ensuring that these industries take their services to the next level. For example, planning a wedding has become much easier with just a few clicks. You can sit at home in Bangalore and take a virtual tour of banquet halls in South Delhi with the help of artificial intelligence. Along with virtual tours, AI can also automate recommendations and ideas for event planners. For a seamless experience for all the guests and planners, AI provides them with services such as chatbots, virtual tours, personalized recommendations, and the identification of vendors. 

–      Medical services: The healthcare and medical industry are ripe when it comes to smart technology. There are many opportunities to leverage technology to deploy more precise and efficient interventions. There are several advantages over clinical decision-making techniques and traditional analytics due to artificial intelligence. Brain-computer interfaces that are backed by AI restore the experience of those patients who have lost the ability to perform certain physical or cognitive functions. AI is also beneficial to develop the next generation of radiology tools such as MRI machines, CT scanners, X-rays, etc. Artificial intelligence can also be helpful to expand medical services to underdeveloped regions and create more availability of healthcare services. 

–      Online stores and retail experience: Every time you shop online, artificial intelligence has always been a part of your experience till the final step of the process. AI is a major component of online shopping as It plays a significant role in web searches, digital assistant technology and social media advertising. Even the chatbots that are available on e-commerce platforms to offer quick and easy assistance are backed by artificial intelligence. Your shopping experience and your shopping feed are personalised with the help of AI, as it gathers information based on your previous purchases and retail history. AI helps to personalise your shopping experience to give you the right recommendations. 

–      Navigation and maps: All navigation apps and maps such as Google Maps use artificial intelligence rigorously to analyse the traffic movement in your area. It also heavily relies on user-reported incidents and feedback, such as traffic accidents, road blockages, road construction, etc. to predict your exact journey and the duration of your journey. Using all real-time information and with the help of artificial intelligence, navigation apps suggest the fastest route to your destination. Machine learning and AI also allow the process of dynamic routing that enables the drivers to drive with the foresight of how traffic will change. 

–      Online banking and online transactions: Artificial intelligence has played a significant role in online banking. From recognizing handwriting and pin codes to determining whether transactions are fraudulent or not, AI and machine learning have utilized smart technology to provide user convenience. The main advantage of artificial intelligence is how it has introduced digitization to banks. Most of the banks and financial services are using AI technologies such as voice recognition, predictive analytics, online trading, etc. By using advanced data analytics, AI helps banks to battle fraudulent transactions and any sort of online scam. From the perspective of a user, AI has also enhanced customer experience. Smart technology studies the behaviour of the customers and gets a better understanding of them to customise financial products and services. They add personalised features and intuitive interactions to enhance customer engagement and customer relationships. 

Artificial intelligence is the future of technology to improve our livelihood daily. Machine learning models are trained to perform better and to improve artificial intelligence. The presence of AI simplifies your daily activities so you can focus on the real challenges. 


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