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Glass crockery materials that need to be in your cabinets

Most of us take out our special crockery and glassware when we are engaged in something special or when we have guests over. How about we get an assortment of glass crockery sets that we can use daily? Provide a special feeling for yourself in your own homes as you sip your evening tea or enjoy a late-night drink. To do this, you will need to look for options that you can invest in and be able to use every day. Exorbitantly priced crockery won’t do the job in this case. Here are the crockery pieces that you can choose for your daily use

Enjoy your tea time in these cups

Tea cups are a must in every house. Especially in India, we have at least one member in the family who cannot live without tea. This is also the first beverage we offer to guests in the house. Therefore, would it not be vital to have tea sets that you can use for yourself and remove for special people too? Buy vintage cups or plain ones or modern-looking ones.

  • Natalia Cups and Saucers – Fancy-looking cups with a unique color combination and a design on the handle that makes them easy to hold can be bought for daily use. Perfect for chai and biscuits, use them liberally.
  • Laurent Cups – A minimalistically printed design in a light shade that would be perfect to sip tea while watching the sunrise. Add a fresh look to your day.
  • Violet Cups and Saucers – This set of 6 gives the perfect vibe of tea. One glance at these cups would instantly bring the soothing aroma of tea right to your nose.

Fancy a drink? Here are your glass options

Another common beverage that deserves to have a glass of its own is whiskey. Having a drink from the designated whiskey glass always brings out the vibe and enhances the taste of the drink somehow. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet drink alone or entertain guests for a house party, whiskey glasses are the crockery pieces that come out first. Gone are the days when the option was a broad glass with a subtle pattern on the bottom. Find an assortment of whiskey glasses here.

  • Jennifer tumbler – A uniquely shaped glass to pour your whiskey in, enjoy the bitter blend of your drink in peace. Oval-shaped, these glasses would be perfect for a neat whiskey drink as it allows the smell to reach you.
  • Jacqueline tumbler – Ideal for an on-the-rocks-drink, use this glass for an iced whiskey. Buy a couple of sets of these glasses as they could also be taken out for the guests at home. The clear look of the brown-colored whiskey is tempting in these options.
  • Sloane Glasses – These are found in sets of 6, so you know how you can use them effectively. Minimally decorated, these glasses can also be used normally in the household.

Why not give yourself the best of it all? Choose pieces of crockery for your homes for your comfort. Enjoy the best possible designs every day and enhance your experience of dining, snacks, and drinking even more. Make every moment special with special cups and glasses


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