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A detailed guide about hair extensions 2022

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular among young people. They are worn for various reasons, including cultural or religious. This can be applied to areas such as hair braiding or hair fusion, to get the desired effect of longer, thicker hair in a very short time. The application is mainly done by women but also men are increasingly getting this treatment. The effects may last three months before you need to buy new ones. Here are some tips and tricks you should follow when getting hair extensions treatment.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are typically used by women who want longer and thicker hair in a very short time without having to grow their own. Its price usually ranges from $ 120 to $ 300 per package containing 10 pieces. However this treatment can be done with real human or synthetic fibers. If you opt for real human hair it has been mixed with synthetic fibers so that you can easily wash and condition it without causing damage to your own hair. The wigs come in different colors but choosing the right one for your hair can be difficult. If you have dark hair, for example, and you choose a blonde wig, the end result may be a reddish color. In this case it’s best to go for a natural shade that will look more realistic. However, doing so will of course cost more money.

Just like with any other beauty treatment, there are some things you should know before getting hair extensions. Here are a few tips:

Use Human extensions

For natural results it’s best using real human hair that is already mixed with synthetic fibers.

Don’t mix own hair

Don’t use your own hair in conjunction with human hair because its quality would suffer greatly when washed so often.

Choose the right color

Choosing the right color for your hair is not always easy. For example, on dark hair you may get a reddish result if the wrong color is chosen. In this case it’s best to have a natural shade applied, which of course costs more. The wrong color can look unnatural and bad on your complexion.

Dyeing hair extensions

If you are wearing synthetic hair extension then never color them. Because hair color can destroy these types of extensions. But according to this blog you can dye your Remy hair aka human hair extensions without any problem.  

Never apply extensions yourself

Extensions should be applied by a professional. This is not a do-it-yourself project, as it can be very tricky to get them right.

Wash them regularly

Hair extensions should be washed and conditioned regularly, just like your own hair.

Never compromise on quality

If you are getting clip-on extensions, be sure to buy a high quality brand. Low quality extensions may fall out or look fake.

Benefits of hair extensions

There are many benefits to using hair extensions. They can make you look younger and add volume to thinning hair. Extensions can also be used to cover up bad haircuts or scalp problems. And if you are going on vacation, they are a great way to have long hair without having to worry about your regular style.


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