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How To Become A Pharmacist

The basic duty of Pharmacists is to assist patients in achieving and maintaining sound health by prescribing drugs. If you’re interested in working in the healthcare sector to dispense drugs and provide information that keeps people healthy, you might consider becoming a pharmacist.

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In this writing, we will go over the process of becoming a pharmacist and address some of the skills needed to qualify as a Pharmacist.

You can become a pharmacist by taking the following steps


  • Enroll in science courses at the college level

To enroll in a professional pharmacy school, you must have at least two years of college experience. Many prospective pharmacists earn a bachelor’s degree after four years of postsecondary study before they apply for doctoral programs. To satisfy the prerequisites for most Ph.D. programs as a post-secondary student, you should enroll in biology, chemistry, and physics courses.

  • Pass the pharmacy college entrance exam

You must pass the pharmacy college entrance exam before enrolling in a Ph.D. program. With a total of roughly 200 questions and one writing prompt, this standardized test has sections on writing, biological, chemical, critical, and quantitative reasoning. The exam takes place six times a year.

  • Obtain a doctorate in pharmacy

After taking the admission test, you can enroll in a Pharm.D. program, which takes about two to four years. Search for Ph.D. programs that mandate an internship if you want to obtain practical experience while studying.

  • Develop essential skills

Basic computer skills and attention to detail are necessary for your overall success as a pharmacist. Effective communication with patients and doctors is also necessary.

  • Obtain a state-issued license to practice medicine

A valid state license is mandatory before you can work as a pharmacist. Each state mandates that pharmacists complete an internship program and pass the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam and the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam.

  • Complete the necessary training

If you intend to work independently, you must complete a pharmacy training program. Most pharmacists can select between a practical training program and a one to two years residency program.

Prerequisites For Being A Pharmacist

Employers frequently demand that pharmacists hold a Ph.D. degree, a valid license, practical experience, and other important qualifications.

Education:  A Doctor of Pharmacy degree is required for all pharmacists. Most Ph.D. programs take four years. Topics like biopharmaceutical and pharmacy codes of ethics are covered in these programs.

Training: To practice as an independent pharmacist, you must participate in a training program.

Licenses: You need a license from your state’s pharmacy licensing board to practice as a pharmacist. You must finish an internship and pass two tests to obtain a license.

Skills:  You need the following abilities to succeed as a pharmacist:

  1. Ability to pay close attention to the details so that patients can receive safe and effective medications from you.
  1. Analytical thinking: To keep your customers safe, you must be able to assess their needs and any potential problems that taking various prescriptions can cause.
  1. Communication skills: Whether you’re asking a doctor for information, verifying insurance information with a service provider, or educating patients on how to take their prescriptions safely. Pharmacists need to be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  1. Computer literacy is required in the pharmaceutical industry to update client records, confirm insurance information, and retrieve prescription information.

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