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How to Enhance your Brand Image with Custom Gift Set Packaging?

Are you ready to take your brand recognition to the next level? With gift-styled box manufacturers, your dream of making it big in your consumer markets can now become a reality!

Every customer wishes to get their shopping in valuable boxes. It makes a world of difference to their purchase routines by making them order repeatedly. Many marketers have identified gift packaging as the sole reason for customer loyalty. About 55% of customers, in a survey, admitted to considering the brand for repeated purchases when they received orders in gift boxes.

There is good enough reason for your brand to also include gift packaging within your branding strategy. Elevated competition levels make it imperative to take on customers’ changing tastes and update the existing packaging.

What are gift boxes?

Have you seen retail boxes shaped beautifully and adorned with gift-like accessories? These are the relatively new form of packaging. No matter what the industry type is, every seller can and is benefitting from using such boxes to uplift the offered brand value proposition.

Contemporary customizing opportunities enable the boxes to be created with almost any design. Numerous brands have realized the potential and need for personalized boxes to escalate their sales volumes. Recently, this trend has gone one step further to imbibe the happy feeling of receiving gifts in the packaging boxes.

Why do they make a mark?

Being a retailer, you would probably be aware of how much customer satisfaction depends on the brand image. Customers tend to join the marketing dots to form a brand story. You must put in all the efforts to make it a persuasive one.

Gifts, generally, generate powerful sentiments among receivers. The same feelings are bound to engulf the brand presenting the products in nicely wrapped boxes. Customers won’t even mind paying a little extra for getting premium boxes along with their shopping. It gives them a sense of extra value added to their purchases and getting something on top of the products they shopped.

Lately, over the past decade, customers have been putting more emphasis on how their shopping experience must resonate with the money they spent on buying products. A lot of choices at the marketplaces have fueled such buyers’ demand. And businesses have complied by offering quirky and offbeat boxes for brand recognition.

The recent trend of unboxing videos

Gift boxes are more likely to appear in unboxing videos online. These are the many YouTube reviews that we see popping up on our screens regularly. Even numerous social media platforms are being used by vloggers to share their experiences with the brand.

Appearing in these videos garners increased customer exposure and enhances sales prospects. Gift-like boxes are used as a tool to please a lot of customers and encourage them to spread a positive word of mouth.

Now that we have discussed how custom packaging can upgrade your brand identity, let see how you can get the box look right.

#1: Picking box materials

The basic thing is to construct the right box type so it can be designed properly. Boxes that are shabby and weak won’t stay functional for long and may distort even before reaching the end customers. This kind of gift box is not worth the effort!

What you need is to first identify the box material required. Gift boxes traditionally look effective in rigid boxes. The material is stiff and premium. It can withstand numerous weather adversities and variations in product weight.

Customers get a tangible brand feel when they hold the boxes in their hands. It must be made of superior quality and the rigid stock is apt for it. However, cardboard and corrugated stock paper can also be customized to fit the bill. Particularly if the company is maintaining a moderate budget.

#2: Put in alluring visualization

The next step is the fun part. Use a splash of colors and box patterns to create a memorable box appeal. Professional artists can also do the task for you and help you align all your ideas aesthetically on the boxes.

Gift packaging usually comprises the brand name and logo printed on the front box cover. It instantly connects with the customers and reminds them of the brand image. Being creative would help you to craft unique boxes. Customers react positively to artistic color combos and personalized content. Anything that depicts the inclusion of their tastes within the boxes is bound to reap long-term sales benefits.

For instance, certain brands use thank you messages inside the boxes. It helps to connect with customers and form a durable link with them. Some also settle for customers’ names printed on the boxes for a more personalized feel, and so on.

custom packaging

#3: Innovative box cuts

You can create exclusive gift boxes by crafting them in quirky shapes too. Unboxing videos feature boxes that have unusual seals and box opening formats.

You can go for boxes that have layered opening flaps, offbeat locks, inner box sides colored differently, and using custom sleeves on top of the boxes, among others.

The boxes can be printed with numerous printing styles too. The graphics used present a fair picture of the brand and products. This not only establishes favorable business ethics but also becomes appoint of customer attraction. A good method is to assess what the rival brands are doing with their boxes to feel inspired.

#4: Be aware of your customer behavior

Customer preferences are what ultimately dictates how the boxes must appear. Sustainable packaging is at the forefront of almost all consumer markets. The stated materials are apt for this. They can be recycled and reused; a component that is highly appreciated by customers.

Identifying your target customers also boosts the chances of them spotting your boxes instantly when they are specifically designed for them. Other factors like your total budget play a big part in what you can do with your custom packaging to maximize resource efficiencies.


Hopefully, this article would prove to be an enlightening guide on achieving the ideal gift-like box appeal.


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