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How to Fix the Seven Most Common Appliance Problems?

Well, it is perfectly normal to have appliance issues every other day. These electronic devices demand assistance and troubleshooting. Therefore, it is essential to understand that not every home appliance needs repair. There could be a handy issue that you can solve by reading the manual. Be it your oven, stove, fridge, or dryer. Likewise, it can be as simple as changing the rubber gasket. 

In addition, it is advisable to identify the problem and try to troubleshoot it by yourself. So, here are the seven most common appliance problems that you are more likely to face or already face. First, apply these solutions. If nothing works, then call for Samsung appliance repair in Atlanta. See if you have any of these problems:

A semi-cooling fridge

Bad odor in the washing machine

Clicking the igniter takes a long to ignite

Wobbling washing machine and dryer

Electronic oven tricks

If AC doesn’t respond

Dishwasher not cleaning the dishes

A semi-cooling fridge:

 A fridge not cooling well leads to food spoilage and high power consumption. If your food is spoiling earlier than it should, you have a cooling problem that needs repairing. Well, the coil at the back of the fridge needs cleaning in most cases. Or you can check the rubber gasket around the door. So, unplug your refrigerator and pull it away from the wall. Now check for the coils and any strange noise coming out of the compressor. Go for professional help if needed. 

  1. Bad odor in the washing machine:

What’s the point of using a washing machine if it results in bad-smelling clothes after washing? If your washing machine is producing a foul odor as a result of anything, do some home remedies first. For starters, pour two cups of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda into the washing drum n hot water. Then run a short cycle to remove the smell. Typically, it does not happen because of dirty clothes. However, leave the door open to prevent the machine from developing any foul smell. 

  1. Clicking igniter taking long to ignite:

Well, clicking igniter can save you some time if it works instantly. But, it can be frustrating when it does not ignite after several clicks. Firstly, check to see if the burner is in its right place. If the cap is okay, then it must be the dirty igniter or burner. For that, remove the burner cap and clean the debris. Most probably, it will troubleshoot this problem. 

  1. Wobbling washing machine and dryer:

A wobbling washing machine produces a racketing sound that is not only irritating but also puts your washer at further risk. So, level the dryer/washer if it’s banging around while running the cycle. It usually happens with a dryer full of unbalanced clothing or more clothes. Rotate the washing machine to balance its legs, open the lid and rearrange the clothes. The same goes for the dryer as well. If the issue persists, go for dryer repair in Atlanta

  1. Electronic oven tricks:

Is your oven not heating up? Examine the timer and the clock settings. It is all down to technology. When you set the “time cook” function, the oven will not turn on until the time you specify. The timer is active if your digital display shows “hold”, “delay”, or “time to cook.” You may have done that accidentally. So, to clear it, press the off button. Make sure the knob on the dial oven is on manual.

  1. If AC doesn’t respond:

If your AC is not turning on, wait! In most cases, it happens due to your rapid command of the air conditioner. Your immediate action leads the system to work abruptly, which causes a slight delay in the response. So, never hurry in these situations. Moreover, let the AC system function and respond over it. Hopefully, the AC will turn on after a few minutes. If it does not turn on, check the circuit breaker and call an electrician to look for any fuse problem.

  1. Dishwasher not cleaning the dishes:

A food-filled filter is usually the reason if your dishwasher no longer cleans your dishes. Water cannot reach the spray arms to clean the plates in the top rack if it is clogged. But it takes only two minutes to repair. Simply, lift the lower shelf out of the dishwasher and remove the filter cover. If you cannot find the filter, consult your manual. Then clean the screen with a moist vacuum.


Most of our home appliances show the signs of an issue that has simple solutions. This article contains seven such minor problems that may affect the functioning of your electronic machines. So, identify any of your refrigerator, AC, gas igniter, or washing machine problem here and troubleshoot it. If your dryer machine still wobbles or the fridge is cooling inefficiently, call for professional help. 


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