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It pays to make things easier to understand for everyone

Businesses make promotional videos and advertising on a fairly regular basis because they want to reach out to as many people as possible and this seems the correct mode in which to do that. It is part of their marketing efforts and so they try to make the movie clips as informative and as easily understandable as they can so that customers shouldn’t have any additional questions after watching it. The unfortunate thing is that many businesses seem to forget about the demographics that are out there that they could be reaching out to and selling their products and services to as well. I am talking about people with certain kinds of disabilities with regard to listening and speaking as well as other older patrons that still have their faculties but they don’t work as well as they used to.

This is a niche that many businesses should be looking into in their particular industry because it is important to invest in subtitling by Global Citizens Translation because subtitles allow you to reach out to a lot more customers and this can only be good for your profits and for increasing your customer base. If you still have to be sold on the idea of adding subtitles and closed captions to your promotional videos then maybe the following benefits can help you to make a more informed and sensitive decision.

Environments that are sound sensitive

Businesses frequently forget that the promotional videos as part of their digital marketing might be playing in areas where it is important to be very quiet. I am of course talking about places like public libraries or even on public transport like trains and buses. The promotional video may also be playing in offices up and down the country and so it would be inappropriate for the volume to be raised. However, subtitles are added in this allows people who are waiting to see someone to be able to see and understand what it is that you’re trying to tell them about your product or service.

It provides clarity

if you use subtitles in your promotional videos then you are making it clear when certain people on the video are using technical jargon or are talking about content that many people may not understand. The subtitles may be changed slightly to what the person is saying to better create an understanding for the potential customer who might not understand what is being said. It allows people to comprehend better and if you make the subtitles stand out by using bold for example, it also allows customers to maintain the concentration on your promotional video for longer periods of time.

Businesses frequently forget about the people who cannot hear or who are hard of hearing because they would love to know what has been seen in your promotional video but you haven’t taken any steps to make it clearer for them. Subtitles make understanding much easier, and allows these customers to fully appreciate your promotional business video.


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