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Legal Spend Management: Understanding the Details

You know that legal spending can quickly add up for your business.

But did you know that costs for legal spend management in the United States are over 166% higher than for companies worldwide?

Staying compliant in a shifting legal landscape remains the priority. Yet there are several ways to ensure your business isn’t spending more than it should be.

Keep reading to find ways to lower legal spending for your firm across categories and save your business money now!

Make Legal Spend Management Work For Your Business

Instead of using Excel, Tableau, Quickbooks, and others to manage your legal spending, centralize your data in a single spot. Add functions and efficiency driven by AI that can spot incorrect data entry points and much more.

Using a single solution for your legal spending does more than make sense. It reduces inefficiencies and allows for transparency and accurate accounting of legal costs.

This software can help with cloud-based solutions that allow both general counsels and in-house legal teams to manage their spending with better control.

Instead of different vendors using different tools to track spend, and different formats for documents, unify your legal spend management in a single place. Once and for all.

Lower Business Spending Through Accuracy and Transparency

With software like that offered by Bento for Business, your company can save time, effort, and money.

Beyond better setting a budget and managing compliance, you will have a single dashboard for access that you can customize according to the needs of your business.

Not only can you automate the billing processes and invoicing done for your legal spending, you can set up alerts and get actionable advice for reporting.

This software can help with much more than e-billing. It can transform your entire approach to legal spend management.

Start with getting everything in one place for your legal team. Then let them get familiar with the power of the software. You will quickly see the power of true legal spending control with Bento for Business.

Reduce Inefficiency Through Automated Legal Spending Supervision

Having too many spend management tasks given to your team can create a number of damaging effects. Burnout, lower creativity, and mistakes can pile up. This is in addition to the damage done by taking the legal team away from their core tasks.

But the task of legal spend management must get done. Eliminate old practices like ancient paper-based filing systems and even your nest of Quickbooks databases and Excel sheets.

Spend Money Smarter with Legal Spend Management Software

Using Bento for Business lets your team work both harder and smarter. Their software offers AI-driven capture of receipts and accounting. They even provide reporting tools that bolster efficiency further.

The time is now to begin storing receipts and expense reports in a single place. Gain the ability to export data across platforms and automate the reporting process for your legal expenses.

See the power of Bento for Business for yourself. Lower legal spend management costs and improve performance with a single software platform.

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