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Men and their interest in chic flat caps – How to wear one correctly?

Hats have been a part of the fashion scene for a while. There were times when most people used to wear a hat to show respect to an event or a function. Hats were also considered a symbol of class. But times have changed. Today, most men wear hats because they want to stay protected from the harsh elements and look good. And there is a section of style-conscious men who want to make certain fashion statements with their stylish hats. One such hat that has become popular with the new-age men is the flat cap. Men across all age groups have been sporting this hat and are willing to experiment it with several dress codes.

Wearing the flat cap

The immense popularity of the flat caps stems from its recent, massive publicity. It is a hat that gets worn mainly by several celebrities and media personalities. You must have watched Samuel L. Jackson wearing this hat several times, as he walked on the red carpet. Fashion bloggers have referred to this hat style as the “Peaky Blinders Hats” owing to the show’s popularity. Simply put, the flat caps are smart and trendy style accessories that can complement the wearer’s look. Do you want to know how to sport the perfect flat cap? If yes, then it all depends on selecting the right hat for you. To choose the best flat caps, you can browse through the website of American hats makers online.

This article will focus on the correct hat size and select the flat cap based on your face shape and a few other relevant details.

Selecting the correct size

It would help if you made sure that your flat cap should not be ill-fitting or floppy. The very first thing you need to keep in mind is to obtain the correct size. The modern-day flat caps have a snug fit. Hence, it’s essential to get the right size. The ideal way to choose your hat is to use a measuring device to get the correct head size. You can also ask your hat maker for the hat size guide and make the right choice. When you have a hat that fits you well, you can sport a polished and classy look.

Selecting the best hat that complements your face

People can only guide you when it comes to getting the best flat cap for yourself. Ultimately, it’s all about your personal preference. However, even then, you can count on a few factors. Today, two popular types of flat caps are available, namely, the newsboy cap and the ivy cap hat. The main difference between these two hat styles is the crown construction.

Simply put, an ivy cap is an authentic flat cap having a smooth, flat crown that bends down to a stiff, short brim. Even though the newsboy caps get termed as flat caps, they have crowns that are slightly raised and give a fuller and more prominent look. Once you know this difference, it’s crucial to make sure that a hat matches the shape of your face when you want to sport this hat. For instance, if you have a more obtuse and bigger face, you might select the tapered and sleek ivy cap. And for a small face, it’s bestto opt-in for a newsboy cap.

The flat caps for all season

Both the newsboy and ivy caps are versatile. And with a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials that fit any occasion, you can always sport a flat cap. However, it is essential to follow a few smart tips for a simple and easy look that will add to your daily look and during any season. For this, you first need to match the cap material with your attire to have a seamless look. During the winter months, it’s always an intelligent call if you gravitate towards heavier materials like a tweed or wool flat cap. And when it’s summer, you want a lighter flat cap, perhaps made of linen so that you can feel comfortable and it complements your summer attires.

You might want to sport the ivy or the newsboy cap style – In both these cases, you will have to say yes to a flat cap that will complement any weather or occasion. And now that you have the crucial inputs about the flat cap, you can go ahead and select the best one for yourself. Keep the weather requirements in mind, and it can give an edge to your wardrobe. Today, there are several online hat makers available who provide you with designer flat caps. Additionally, you also have the option to customize your flat cap based on your style requirements and individual preference. It’s a wise decision to check the price of these caps so that you don’t end up paying more. Finally, make sure to purchase a high-end and durable flat cap that will last longer with proper care and maintenance.


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