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NetbaseQuid: How Your Business Can Gain from a Social Media Audit

Social media audits help streamline your social media strategy such that the chances of success will be high. The audit ensures you have a better understanding of your brand’s strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses.

What is a Social Media Audit?

The word “audit” is somewhat frightening. For most people, when they come across this term, they start to think about the IRS checking through the company’s records. There is no need to be intimidated when it comes to social media. The audit entails analyzing the competitor’s strategies and social media presence. Also, the audit looks into the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. An audit should be a step back to analyze what’s not working and what’s working. In the process, you can make the necessary adjustments.

What Does the Audit Include?

What the audit comprises will vary depending on your brand’s objectives and all your needs. The components that are incorporated include:

1. Analyzing the Performance of the Page- 

There is the need to determine which content is resonating with your audience while driving conversations. We can do this by looking at different metrics, including link clicks, referral traffic, impressions, and engagement. This part of the audit will involve looking at the posts that have performed well, and some patterns will be identified. You can learn whether your target audience engages most with videos. Also, the audit will reveal whether questions are getting the desired responses.

2. Evaluation of Channel Presence

The brand will most likely establish a presence on different social media channels. Keep in mind the social media landscape changes fast, which means there is the need to ensure the ecosystem you’ve established will guarantee the best possible outcome. Each channel needs a unique strategy and content. As a result, it is important to ensure your resources are directed in the right direction.

3. Assess The Competition

The social media space is competitive. Numerous brands are seeking the attention of a similar audience. You need to understand the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors if you want to be steps ahead. You can then develop a strategy that ensures you have a competitive advantage.

4. Understanding the Audience

A brand needs to understand its audience. When you understand who you’re reaching out to, your chances of success are high. You can start by reviewing the demographics. Additionally, the audit will include looking into different types of conversations with third-party channels and what they post on their pages; this helps determine the specific content your audience wants to see from you.

Benefits of a Social Media Audit

Social media audits help a brand develop suitable social media strategies. The social media pages might be handled by social media agencies or an in-house team. 

Some of the advantages of a social media audit include:

1) Helps Recognize What Social Media Success Feels Like

You attain your goals by first establishing them. A brand cannot rely on a vendor to tell them what success is. Social media return on investment (ROI) is measured using the goals that have been set and tying the results to these goals. The audit will provide a well-detailed analysis about measuring these results, and different metrics will be tracked.

2) Uncovering Opportunities to Generate Sales and Leads

Learn how to compete against your competitors. The auditor is supposed to visit the profiles of the competitors and determine the strategy they’re using. The social media audit will help outline what the competition is doing right and the bits where they’re failing. The information helps to reveal areas that have lots of opportunities.

Final Thoughts

We have outlined some reasons for those wondering why a brand needs to audit social media pages. Also, we have listed some of the basics revolving around the audit. For your brand to grow further and attain its potential, ensure you have carried out an audit of the social media profiles.


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