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Sales Or Service Cloud: Which Is The Best For Business?

Sales Or Service Cloud: Which Is The Best For Business?

Salesforce empowers more than 150,000 businesses worldwide. In 2020, more than 250,000 sales partners were generating $17 billion for the company.

Salesforce consists of different modules representing specific business domains. Two of the most popular Salesforce modules are Sales cloud and Service cloud. They have some similarities, but they have distinct striking features. 

Service Cloud helps businesses to sell their products/services. In comparison, Sales Cloud enhances sales opportunities and potential lead generation. When you sign up, you have to decide which is the right fit for your business. 

You can leverage different modules. If you are employing Salesforce but doubtful about which module to invest in, this article is for you. We will explain what each module signifies and which is the best for your business.


What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

The Sales Cloud enables you to automate, manage, and analyze the sales process. You can hire salesforce consulting company to steer you in the right direction. 

Sales reps can have individual accounts to track the sales funnel and process. Besides monitoring, they can communicate through many channels within the cloud UI. 

Sales managers can oversee the sales process, thanks to a powerful dashboard. You can see each sales rep’s strengths, weaknesses, performance data, and other reports.

Significant  features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Account and Contact Management 

You can handle all your contacts and have constant communication with them. 

  • Lead Management 

You can track leads generated by the sales reps and nurture them into paying customers. This practice would help you increase the sales conversion rate. In 2020, Sales cloud was the most revenue-generating Salesforce module.

  • Dashboard 

You can create a custom dashboard and reports and access them from anywhere in the world. 

  • Syncing and Sharing 

It makes it easier for you to share sales reports with team members from other departments. This attribute facilitates collaboration and efficiency within the organization.

  • Work Process Management and Approval 

You’ll get visual workflows of sales, expenses, and discounts. It’ll help you stay agile and make immediate plans for your company.


What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Another popular module is the Salesforce Service Cloud. Most businesses use it to manage their customers instead of leads. It provides you with all the tools necessary to track, engage, and sell to your customers.

Customer service representatives use the service cloud to resolve customer queries. They can help customers navigate from one point to another. When your users have questions, your customer service team should offer prompt resolutions. 

Companies use this module for their operation for a swift and efficient transition. With Sales Cloud, you can offer frictionless and outstanding customer support. It will increase your consumer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Significant  features of the Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Service Console 

A complete suite that lets you organize and handle the tasks at hand related to customer service.

  • Chat Service 

Enable sales reps to chat with your customers with the Chat Service feature

  • Email to Case 

This module automates your email responses. You can reply to all incoming emails with the Email to Case feature. 

  • Knowledge Base 

Service Cloud helps you to create self-assist guides for your customer reps. This feature allows you to handle your customers with relevant information.

  • Customer Service 

It is a platform that unifies all customer support channels, including social media.


Sales Cloud or Service Cloud?

When deciding between the two, you must understand your business process. Is it more customer-centric, or is it lead-focused? While no company will be at either of the extremes, there is always a tilt towards a particular side.

Does your business sell high-ticket items that need many contacts before they buy? Then a Sales cloud might be a better option. Your salespeople will be able to track leads in real-time and in the past if necessary.

Service Cloud enables you to sell low-ticket items but at a higher frequency. Thus, the customer will buy from you many times throughout his lifetime. If this is your goal, it might be a better decision to invest in a Service cloud. 

Research indicates that using Salesforce is beneficial for customer satisfaction and organizational performance. Since customer satisfaction corresponds with sales conversion, a Service Cloud is necessary.


When to Use Both?

There will be times when you’d need to use both the Sales and Service Cloud. If you’re scaling your company or have various categories of products to manage, you can use both modules. If finance is a concern, you might consider purchasing the Service Cloud. This module overlaps to a large extent with the Sales Cloud.


Salesforce is the most efficient CRM software in the world. When it comes to Sales or Service Cloud, selecting the right module can be difficult. 

If you are uncertain which modules to choose, explore how they can benefit your business. You can seek expert consultation from a certified Salesforce associate. It will help you in the practical and adequate execution of Salesforce modules.


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