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Stay Safe at Work! The Best Ways to Increase Office Security

High-end brands have been the recent target of a spree of smash-and-grab robberies. People form mobs to steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in only a few minutes.

These incidences are only one of the many crimes businesses face each day. Commercial properties are at risk of all sorts of thefts and other wrongdoings. How do you protect your office?

Your best bet is to assess your current office security and look for ways to improve it. Keep on reading to learn some strategies to help you maintain a safe environment.

Install A CCTV System

No office building security system is complete without cameras. They help prevent crime from happening in the first place as their presence deters potential wrongdoings.

Office security personnel monitoring the cameras can also help stop crime in its tracks. They can spot suspicious activities through the live feed and act accordingly.

If a crime happens, you can still use the recordings to find out what happened and identify the perpetrator. To improve your building security, set up a system that raises alarms and notifies authorities.

Secure The Entry Points

A simple yet effective security solution is to put locks on all entry points of your building. High-quality locks are relatively cheap, but they do their job at deterring crimes well.

Make sure all entry points, including windows, have functioning locks. Secure every room, even if it’s not in use. During the daytime, lock all the doors you’re not using.

If budget allows, upgrade your doors to include advanced locks. Some buildings require cards or codes so only employees can move around. Employing multiple layers of entry security also makes it harder for criminals to enter your actual space.

You may want to put tints on your windows from That way, no one can peek into your interior.

Maintain The Property Properly

Darkness covers many types of crimes. Sometimes, a busted light is all it takes for criminals to gain access to your property. If you have proper outdoor lighting, you can cut your crime risk by up to 39 percent.

Make sure to maintain your property well to avoid these things happening. Replace light bulbs periodically, assess your perimeter, and install lighting in blind spots. Illuminate the areas near the main door for employee safety.

Hire Security Services

Security staff can keep an eye on your property at all times, even after your regular business hours. Their training includes watching out for signs of security issues.

They know the proper steps if a criminal activity arises on your property, as well. Hiring the best security company allows you to create a safe environment for your staff and building.

Make Office Security A Part Of Your Company Culture

One of the best ways to improve your security is to instill it in your company culture. Create safety measures, train your employees, and ensure everyone follows the protocols.

Learn the best safety practices and procedures for your office. To find more tips, check out our other posts today.


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