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The Advantages of Going From 2D to 3D Designs

Projections show that the global 3D CAD software market will reach a value of $15.41 billion by 2028.

A range of developers have released 3D design software over the years, giving plenty of options. Many businesses are moving from 2D to 3D design as it brings a range of advantages with it.

So what makes 3D design better than 2D? Keep reading to find out.

Streamlined Product Design Cycles

3D models can be generated with CAD software, and these present a lot of possibilities not available through 2D modeling. Making changes to a 3D design is often very easy, whereas it typically takes more work with 2D designs.

Overall this helps get to the final product quicker, saving a lot of time throughout the design stage. Speeding up processes helps save money, which is an ideal goal for any business.

Accessible Design Process

Some people think that a faster design process and quicker changes mean the quality of a product will be lower, but this isn’t the case. With 3D modeling software, you can often automate certain processes. This can help increase productivity, and you can allow customers, or your team members, to get better visibility into your designs.

Depending on the software your using, it can be easy to create quick renders. so you can share your design with anyone that needs to see it and get immediate feedback. Womp 3D is a 3D modeling tool that you can use directly through your browser with no need to download any apps or tools.

Improved Communication Between Teams

By making designs more accessible to your colleagues, there will naturally be better communication between different teams. 3D models make it simple to produce design reviews that can be easily understood by different people. Communication with customers and suppliers can also become easier, which will help speed up the time-to-market.

Find Design and Quality Issues Early

Three-dimensional designs make it easy to find faults. With 2D modeling, you’ll often miss things, and you might not notice mistakes until testing a physical model. 3D design software can often run various tests and simulations that will highlight any major issues before moving on.

By catching faults early, you can easily make corrections, saving a lot of time and resources. Because of the different tests you can run through the software, you can also save money on physical prototyping and testing.

Simple Physical Prototyping

While prototyping may not be needed as much, it’s still suitable in many situations. A product that’s been designed using CAD software can easily be fabricated through 3D printing. This gives you the option to create a prototype using various materials, and you can make small alterations so that you can test slightly different prototype models.

This way you can make comparisons to help decide on the best final design as well as the most suitable material for your product. 3D prints are typically very cost-effective, and they can be made very quickly.

Moving From 2D to 3D Modelling

3D designing can help streamline the design process and improve communication in various areas. It can also help with testing and prototyping phases, reducing the time, resources, and funds used. The sooner you move from 2D to 3D designs, the sooner you will start to reap the benefits.

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