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The Latest Basement Remodeling Tips That You Should Use Right Away

Thinking about your next home renovation? Finished basements are becoming a more popular choice for homeowners and a more appealing feature for homebuyers.

Finished basements can be used to increase usable space and protect your home from the hazards of unfinished basements. They come with a high ROI, which means that even if you’re looking to sell soon, you can still benefit from basement remodeling.

What should every smart homeowner know about basement remodeling? Our first tip is to think about what kind of additional space you really need in your home.

Our next tip? Keep reading! We’re going to share a few of the latest basement remodeling tips that you won’t want to miss.

Start With Waterproofing

Landscaping next to a house foundation is an essential aspect of basement waterproofing. By ensuring proper grading and drainage around your home, you can prevent water from seeping into your basement. The landscaping should slope away from the foundation, directing water away from your home. Additionally, incorporating plants and shrubs with deep roots can help absorb excess moisture from the soil. Taking these measures will significantly reduce the risk of water damage and enhance the longevity of your basement remodeling project.

Before you consider installing carpet and drywall, make sure that you know that your basement is well-protected from the elements. Basement waterproofing is a step that every homeowner should take, even if they don’t intend to finish the space. Basement waterproofing can save your home from costly damage and is well worth the investment.

Improve the Staircase

Most unfinished basements are equipped with a pretty dangerous set of stairs. Increase safety by closing off the gaps between each step and adding handrails to either side of your basement staircase. Carpeting and carpet runners are also key in preventing slip and fall accidents.

Add a Bathroom

Some people choose to convert their basements into living rooms or recreation rooms. Others choose to turn basements into guest rooms or separate apartment spaces. Either way, add convenience and increase your property value substantially by adding a bathroom–whether it’s a full bath or half bath, it’s guaranteed to boost your property.

Consider Additional Doors and Windows

Most unfinished basements are dim due to small windows that are close to the ceiling. In some cases, this is because there is very little room between the ceiling of the basement and the ground outside. If possible, replace small windows with larger ones or add more windows around the exterior walls.

It is also worth considering adding a door that allows for direct access to the basement from the outside. This is worth considering if you want your basement to function as a stand-alone living unit.

Finish the Ceiling

Finally, don’t neglect the ceiling. Most unfinished basements have unfinished ceilings that show exposed ductwork and beams. If you want to make your basement feel more inviting and less like, well, a basement, install a finished ceiling.

Which Basement Remodeling Tips Will You Use?

Basement remodeling is on the rise for all types of homes but especially large single-family homes. If you want to increase your usable space and your property value, consider these basement remodeling tips and design a finished basement that everyone will love.

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