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Tips to Avoid Nervous Breakdown During Competitive Exam Preparation

Cracking any competitive exam is a hard row to hoe. You are required to navigate through onerous written exams and personal interviews. To perform better in the exam, candidates dedicate months of preparation to cover the gigantic exam syllabus. More often than not, candidates start losing motivation during their preparation phase. It’s normal to feel tired and stressed out while studying for the exam. However, make sure you can drag yourself out of negativity. Candidates who remain stressed are prone to forgetting the learnt concepts. Therefore, it’s highly important to keep yourself optimistic and calm during the competitive exam preparation. 

The government of India conducts various competitive exams to select adept personnel for various job positions. Most of the graduates in India wish to clear any bank exam to secure a job position of PO, Clerk, SO etc. Are you going to appear for any bank exam? If yes, we recommend you to prepare for the exam with a light mind. Start preparing for the exam by taking help from an institute that can offer bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar. For some candidates, it is easy to remain positive and motivated. Whereas, some need proper guidance to keep themselves uplifted. To help such candidates, we have listed some important tips in this article that help them reduce stress and anxiety during the preparation phase. 

Here are some valuable tips to avoid nervous breakdown during competitive exam preparation:

Device a strategic plan

Before you start preparing for the exam, it’s vital to prepare a strategic plan. Anyone who is efficient in making a plan can easily accomplish their objectives. A plan provides you a roadmap to reach your desired goals. Also, it can make you more punctual and disciplined. So, prepare a suitable timetable to cover your syllabus. Note that making a timetable is not enough, you need to adhere to it. It can aid in timely completion of the exam syllabus. Therefore, you’ll be left with enough time for revision. This thing can surely save you from nervous breakdown during competitive exam preparation. 

Ward off distractions

Candidates often fall prey to distraction easily while studying for the exams. However, it’s highly important to fight distractions during the preparation phase. Do you know the biggest source of distraction? It is basically a mobile phone. Candidates generally fritter their time on social media and mobile phones are a hub to all social media apps. So, we suggest you to keep away every digital device while preparing for the exam. Additionally, you should eschew every social gathering during preparation. Also, you can postpone every trip with your friends until you appear for the exam. 

Getting distracted and not giving enough time for exam preparation can be the greatest reason for your stress. So, steer clear of distractions and keep one pointed focus on your exam preparation. 

Ingrain the habit of writing while learning

When you write, whatever you learn can help you memorize and retain concepts for a longer period of time. The habit of writing can help you make notes for all subjects of the exam. Every candidate who passed any competitive exam will advise you to prepare notes for the subjects. You can prepare detailed notes for theory subjects. For practical subjects, you can make brief notes on short tricks and formulas. The best part of making notes is that it can help you with revision during final hours of preparation. Additionally, notes can help you give a bird’s eye view to various concepts before attempting the competitive exam. 

Avoid comparing yourself with others

Without a doubt, comparing yourself with others can give you nervousness and anxiety. Remember that everyone has their own set of qualities, so do you. It’s essential to focus on your qualities and weaknesses. Instead of comparing yourself with others, you can give yourself daily targets and beat them. This will boost confidence in you to study for the exam. Also, this is the best way to keep your energy levels high while preparing for the exam. 

Take short breaks

A majority of candidates believe this phantasm that studying for regular 7-8 hours can help them bear fruits of success. Note that studying regularly for long hours can make your preparation tiring and boring. You can choose to study regularly for 45-50 minutes followed by a 15 minutes break. Short breaks can be used for listening to music, having a short walk, naps etc. It can aid in refreshing your brain and avoid it from getting jammed. Also, it will help in improving your focus. 

Take care of your health

Ignoring your health in the pursuit of preparing well for the exams is the worst way to prepare for the exam. We suggest you to take proper diet and exercise daily to ensure good health. Make sure you intake a diet that is rich in essential nutrients. Moreover, never make a habit of consuming caffeine to keep yourself awake while studying for the exam. Instead, you can intake enough water to keep yourself mentally active for the whole day. Also, it is advisable to spare at least 30 minutes for a rigorous exercise routine. 

Follow mindfulness exercises

If you want to keep yourself calm and focused, follow mindfulness exercises. You might be wondering what you need to do in mindfulness exercises? Firstly, you find a quiet place to sit, then sit on the couch or chair by keeping your back straight. Afterwards, you have to close your eyes and focus on your breaths. Taking deep breaths can keep you calm. Also, it can improve your concentration while preparing for the exams. 

You can ace SSC exams with the help of mindful exercises. Also, you can join a leading institute that can provide SSC coaching in Laxmi Nagar.


A majority of candidates feel cold in their feet while preparing for any competitive exam. It’s basically fear of failure that makes them nervous and stressful. So, it’s important to cut-off every negativity that comes in the way of exam preparation. Candidates can adhere to aforementioned tips while preparing for any competitive exam. Chances are they’ll be able to clear the exam in the first attempt. 


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