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What is a Portable Nebulizer Machine – Who Needs One & Why?

Some people deal with various types of breathing problems. When they have difficulty breathing for any reason, and the problem persists for a long time, they are often suggested using a nebulizer. This ensures easy absorption of medicine in the body. If you are recently prescribed the usage of a nebulizer and want to know more about this machine, keep reading; in this blog, I’m going to cover what a portable nebulizer machine is and why you need one. 

What is a portable nebulizer machine?

A portable nebulizer machine is a mini machine that turns liquid medication into a mist, enabling faster and simpler absorption into the lungs. This is basically used by people dealing with breathing problems like asthma. Nebulizers are either electric or battery-powered and are either portable (to carry with you) or designed to sit on a table and be plugged into the wall. The portable version is best suitable to be used at home, while the tabletop one is used at clinics where more patients are expected. You require a doctor’s prescription to use a nebulizer. 

Who needs a nebulizer and why?

  1. For asthma treatment: Nebulizers are very useful for administering asthma treatments to newborns and small children. They’re also helpful if you’re having problems using your asthma inhaler or if you need a significant dose of an inhaled drug. You can also buy the best nebulizer for albuterol. 
  1.  Faster medication in lungs: Nebulizers are medical devices that deliver medications directly to your lungs, where they are most needed. Unlike systemic drugs, which take time to travel through the gastrointestinal tract and into the bloodstream, nebulizers function immediately to help the respiratory system. Albuterol is a common bronchodilator that can begin working in as little as five minutes when used in a nebulizer, compared to a half-hour when taken orally. As you can see, speed is a significant advantage.

Fewer side effects

You know, as compared to the oral versions of medications, nebulizer therapy has fewer side effects. Short-term adverse effects such as tremors, headaches, and rapid heartbeat are also less likely with nebulizers. They also reduce the chance of long-term side effects from steroids, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, bone loss, and infection.

So, people who need this type of fast treatment are advised to use a nebulizer. Now you know what a portable nebulizer is, it will clear lots of doubts that you may have in your head.


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