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What Makes Box Printing a Powerful Branding Tool for E-commerce Services?

Many box designers would guide you on what to do with your e-commerce box printing. But seldom do business owners get tips on what things to avoid if they want their brand to shine through the clutter.

The most important part of branding is perhaps the packaging. More so when the boxes are the face of the brand in the e-commerce market structure. One minor fault or miss can cost the brand significant losses and potential growth. At the end of the day, e-commerce packaging makes more impact than you might account for!

What do facts say?

Recent customer polls and market studies have revealed that about 52% of customers are more likely to shop the brand again if the packaging is worthy. Further analysis shows that certain brands have seen a 30% jump in customer interest when they make packaging their top priority.

But what exactly is the ideal packaging type? There are more than a dozen factors to consider when sellers sit down to design their boxes. Frankly speaking, there are more chances of going wrong than there are of striking the right chord.

Considering this, we have compiled some frequent errors lists and possible solutions to them. Here are 6 main ways that sellers can go wrong when crafting e-commerce packaging boxes.

Error 1: Complex box structures

We all agree that creativity must dominate the box designs. But sometimes it takes over customer convenience. And that must be avoided at all costs.

What we are trying to get across is that don’t over-complicate the boxes. Nobody wants to spend hours thinking about ways to open the shipping boxes. It precedes the excitement for receiving orders and kills the whole purpose of investing in customized packaging.

Tip: keep the box designs creative but the structure simple to open and close. You must use an adequate amount of materials to safeguard the products as too many box components can cause confusion among buyers.

Error 2: Missing the branding goal

Too many designs and box patterns can overshadow the real branding content. On the other hand, dull and boring boxes repel customers from ordering again. The right communication is established when there is ample brand info printed on the boxes.

The brand identity displayed on the boxes is what customers would remember about the e-business. Missing this opportunity can result in losing buyers to rival companies.

Tip: Packaging offers a canvas to present the best brand facets. Use the box space wisely to fit in all the essential branding elements without over-crowding the packaging.

Error 3: Ambiguous brand image

Just designing the boxes isn’t enough. The overall patterns, colors, and graphics used on the boxes must point towards the real brand identity.

Picking custom designs just for the sake of it will not work to improve visibility and sales revenues. Customers get allured by boxes that not only look pleasing but also convey positive brand aspects.

Tip: Stick to your true brand values. You want to use creative box printing to attract attention towards the business and not vice-versa.

Use graphics that accentuate the overall brand identity. It could be with modern printing effects, illustrations, metallic printing inks, and engaging texts, among others.

custom printed shipping boxes

Error 4: Not considering the audience

A major issue with most e-commerce boxes is that they don’t account for their customers. The exact buyer demographic needs to be used to print the boxes accordingly. If not, the audience wouldn’t be able to connect with the brand.

From picking the tone of the content to the color combos and materials used for making the packaging boxes, every little detail creates an impact on customers. It is up to the brands to use these in their favor.

Tip: customers are spoilt for choice. They won’t spend more than a minute to switch their brand of choice if they don’t resonate with the custom printed shipping boxes. Carry out market research to know what clicks with your target audience.

Error 5: Using traditional methods

Certain packaging rules keep updating and changing over the years. Boxes that seem to belong in the past era fail to spark customer enthusiasm.

For example, using ordinary fonts and white color on the inside flaps doesn’t work anymore. For e-brands to give a wholesome shopping vibe to customers, they have to think beyond the traditional designs. Using the inside of the boxes to display colors and messages is the new in-thing.

Tip: Engage with customers on social media platforms to find out what they look for in their branded boxes. Also, analyze what your rivals are doing with their boxes to get inspired.

Error 6: Control wastages

Using larger boxes for shipping isn’t only unfavorable for total costs but also for customer retention. Consumers are increasingly favoring brands that use sustainable packaging.

Considering this, it is a bad idea to opt for standard boxes that are too big and often don’t provide much scope for rendering positive brand values. Bigger containers make the products prone to excessive shakes and damages.

Tip: use bio-degradable materials to lower costs and present the brand as a responsible entity. Fitter box dimensions keep the contents in place and reduce the burden of replacements and refunds.

The overall impact

Packaging must be made a priority to achieve better marketing results. Sometimes realizing what not to do can be half the battle won. 

Reach out to professionals to know how you can make the most of your assets to create offbeat and superior box printing that allures the customers.

The ultimate shipping boxes are made with reliable reusable materials that depict strong brand vibes. Brand-specific graphics and colors expand brand recognition. The focus must be on giving customers a shopping process that would stay with them long after they have used the products.


Once you have figured out how to tackle the potential errors occurring in designing e-commerce packaging, you are good to go. Modern printing techniques make the process convenient and simpler. So, grab this chance to shine brighter.


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