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Why Education Opens Up Many Doors Of Opportunity

Many parents wrongfully believe that if you work hard then you will be successful in this life and while certain elements of this statement are true, it is also important to have a sound educational background behind you. Many of the current millionaires and billionaires that exist now never had to finish university and they went on to be very successful. This however is the exception to the rule and if your child starts bringing it up when you insist that they get the best education possible, you need to give them a slice of the reality pie and explain to them that in all likelihood, this is not the path for them. There are so many benefits to a strong education and your child will be able to get a better salary, opportunities for promotion and they will be a useful member of society as well.

There have been many surveys that tell us that societies that have high educational values and people with university qualifications as well as high school, tend to do better in life and live longer as well. This is why there are a number of reputable, professional Bangkok International Schools to choose from because parents realise the importance of a strong start to any education.There are many surprising benefits to a strong education and the following are just some ways that it can open up many doors of opportunity.

  • A much healthier lifestyle – It is true that people who get a better education will go on to lead a healthier lifestyle because of their education. The reason for this is that they are able to get a better job and so this means that they can afford the best housing possible and they can have more time to exercise and really address their diet. Statistics tell us that people with better education have a much lower risk of issues with heart disease and because they are properly educated by better teachers, they know and understand the dangers of doing things like smoking cigarettes and not getting enough exercise.
  • A more rounded experience –When you attend an international school, you become a much more rounded individual because you get to experience many different cultures from all across the world from the students that you will meet there. This means that your eyes are opened to the international community and this experience will stick by you when you enter the international job market. Future employers will want to see that you have international experience and that you have contacts from outside the country.
  • You become a better communicator – These international schools offer your child the option to be able to speak a number of languages and so they will be offered English, Chinese and some European languages that will help to improve upon their communication skills, which makes them very invaluable to future employers and very useful when they go on vacation.

As well as being provided with an excellent education, your child will be encouraged to use their critical thinking skills which is something that is not encouraged in many public schools in the Asia region.


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