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Why Should you Choose Wallpaper over Paint? – Pros and Cons of Using Wallpapers

Homes are living spaces that help you unwind and relax because of the ambience it has created. Such an ambience is established, majorly by the wall colour or design you select for your home.

Whether to choose wallpaper or painting for your home could be a confusing question as its advantages and disadvantages might outweigh each other. Have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of using wallpapers at home before making a decision along with other factors like cost, versatility, application, installation, etc. and here are a few muraledesign key ones to help you decide:


1. Durability
The walls of your home can set the total ambience. Using wallpapers, a durable option than paint, proves beneficial as it can last up to 10 years if maintained properly. It can be maintained easily by washing and cleaning gently without damaging it. Ensure that you choose good quality wallpapers and not the cheap ones to enjoy the benefit of durability to the maximum.

2. Covers defects on walls
Wallpapers are ideal for covering parts of the wall having defects or damages. Covering these flaws are an ideal and most economical way to hide without plastering or painting the whole wall.

3. More options
Be it in terms of its designs, patterns, textures and shades, wallpapers give you multiple options to choose from. With technological advancements such as digital printing, you can have bespoke designs that suit your home well. Create your own design or choose from the variety of options to create a stunning ambience at home with wallpapers that are in vogue.

4. Visual appeal
When compared to painting, wallpapers are a perfect pick if you seek to bring in visually appealing yet different looking walls. They are better at adding depth, warmth and style which monotone paints struggle to create.


1. Capacity to withstand moisture
It is not recommended to use wallpapers in places with humid climate as the chances for the wallpaper to get damaged is more. The glue used to stick these wallpapers will lose its strength and the wallpaper would peel off easily losing its visual charm. Wallpapers cannot handle moisture well and thus, it cannot be used in kitchen or other rooms where moisture content is high.

2. Difficult to remove
Removing wallpaper is a tough process and to do it in the right way you have to use the right tools and be patient enough to do it properly. You may use chemicals to strip off the wallpapers from wall but be extra cautious so as to not damage the wall.

3. Time-consuming process
Sticking wallpapers are a time-consuming process when compared to painting. It requires skilled people to do the same and as it must be handled with much care to prevent tearing or peeling off, it would require you to spend more time and money on getting wallpapers stuck. Do not hire unskilled labor as it might end up doubling the cost if it does not stick well or tears at any point of the process.


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