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Why You Must Always Convert Excel Files to PDF

PDFs are popular due to their ability to be encrypted with passwords. Many people have found great use of this feature as they realized the importance of confidentiality. Regardless of the file format of their documents, they often opt to convert their files to PDF before sharing them with others online. 

On the other hand, Excel files are significant assets to those who deal with large numbers of data. They have the convenience of making complex computations more manageable with the help of spreadsheets. But, data wouldn’t be substantial if other people can’t understand them. The issue of confidentiality is also there, as data is often sensitive. 

Did you know that changing your Excel files to PDF can solve your worries? Learn why PDFs are better than Excel files in some aspects and how to conduct the file conversion!

PDFs explained

PDF stands for portable document format. It is a file format that can preserve your document formatting across devices. PDFs are substantially just print-like images of your files’ contents. That is why no matter where you open them, they would appear precisely the same. This is but one feature of PDFs, so take a look below to find out more about why Excel to PDF Converter is a must!

Password encryption

One reason for PDFs’ popularity is the security that they can provide. You can impose two levels of security upon them, which will dictate what others can do with your files. PDF passwords come in two types: user and master passwords. User passwords act just like your door keys – they simply function for opening your PDFs.

On the other hand, master passwords give you the ability to impose restrictions on actions, such as copying, printing, editing, and many more. With these two types of keys, you can ensure that no other person can open the file, given that the person to whom you’ll share the password won’t leak them.

What have passwords got to do with Excel files? Confidentiality is a necessity when handling numbers. For instance, your files may contain the salary records of a specific institution or perhaps the calculations for scientific research. These need tight confidentiality, so PDF passwords are helpful.

Simpler document formatting

When you open an Excel file with your spreadsheet, you’ll typically see dozens of columns and rows and, of course, lots of data. What appears on the screen won’t pose a problem for those with sufficient knowledge of numbers, but the same can’t be said for laypeople. It would, for sure, dizzy the viewer in a short moment!

PDFs are different. Typically, they are in A4, A3, or other standard document sizes, that most people are used to. When you convert from Excel to PDF, the formatting and arrangement are preserved. However, the design would be a lot simpler than in Excel. In short, the data would be more understandable by others without the contents being convoluted. 


PDFs can be opened with just your web browser if you don’t have other PDF utility software. You don’t need to go out of your way and install any application so that you can read the files’ contents. This feature of PDFs is absent in Excel files. You would need to download a spreadsheet before you can access the PDF.

If you plan to share your files with other people, sending them in PDF would be best if you are not sure that they have a spreadsheet installed on their device. This way, you can ensure that the other person can read the data and provide feedback as soon as possible. You can technically reduce delays and be more productive with your work!

How to convert Excel to PDF

The next thing that you would definitely be curious about is how to convert your Excel files to PDF. There are many approaches to this. It can range from installing software applications to third-party tools that you can find online. It’s entirely up to you to choose which one you think is most convenient for you to use. 

Honestly, if you open a new tab on your browser now and search for Excel to PDF converters, you would have numerous tools to choose from. In fact, opting for online converters is a lot more convenient and practical. Unlike software applications which may come for a fee, these online web services are free and quick to use, plus they don’t eat up computer memory.

Convert Excel to PDF with GogoPDF

Among the countless choices you have online, you might doubt which one is safe and secure. You would not want a tool that threatens the confidentiality of your data. Indeed, being vigilant is the best practice! But, don’t worry. We recommend using GogoPDF if your primary concern is security.

GogoPDF is entirely free to use. It is a trusted people’s choice due to its tight security and quick rendering processes. You can use it on any device without downloading any software application. What makes them more lit is that they can maintain the highest quality of your files. Just go to GogoPDF’s Excel to PDF converter and do the steps below.

  1. Upload your Excel file to the tool.
  2. GogoPDF will automatically do the file conversion.
  3. Wait for the conversion process to finish.
  4. Save and share your newly converted PDF!

Final thoughts

Indeed, numerous things around us involve large numbers of data. The advancements in technology, finance, and even medicine have involved Excel files. But, there is always the problem of confidentiality and the understandability of these data. One easy way to solve this issue is by converting them to PDF. 

PDFs are a lot simpler, more accessible, and more secure than Excel files at some point. You can hit so many birds with a stone called Excel to PDF conversion. With the powerful tools present online, we can now do this with much ease and convenience. Go open your browser and go to GogoPDF’s converter. Grab your files now and start converting them to PDF!


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