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4 Franchise Tools Every Franchise Needs to Have on Its Radar

The success of any business, including a franchise, lies in the tools they use. It wasn’t too long ago that franchise owners would show up with a clipboard in their hand, blank customer forms, and a BIC pen to handle an estimate. However, thanks to technology, things have changed quite significantly.

Nowadays, most franchise owners prefer to operate and handle different franchise business tasks with a tablet or iPad. It has made it easy to store relevant information, manage accounts, and grow the business. However, your iPad or tablet isn’t enough; you need to have the right franchise tools.

Learning about tool franchising can help you grow your business tremendously. So, here are four franchise tools you need to have on your radar.

1. Automated Software Solution

Over the years, the franchise economy has led to the creation of an entire universe of digital suppliers and vendors in the online and software platform space. With a large influx of different vendors competing for the same customers, you need to have an advantage. This is where automated software solutions step in to help.

So, how do automated software solutions help you grow your business? Automated software solutions can help you manage your team’s different day-to-day processes through the various departments. Some benefits that come from utilizing this tool include:

Increase Productivity: With this tool, you can simultaneously manage all your cumbersome and complex manual processes. Rather than having a particular process take weeks to accomplish, and the automated record will only require minutes to get the job done. This process helps increase your productivity.

Stronger Security: If your franchise business keeps lots of physical paper, valuable information is likely to fall into the wrong hands. Paper documents make your franchise business vulnerable. With automated software solutions, you can store your data without worrying about a breach in security.

One automated software solution you can use for your franchise business is Eulerity.

2. Comprehensive Management Platform

A comprehensive management platform is a method of operation that links financial systems, including your budget, programs, goals, human resources, services, and products, together into an interconnected system. Owning a franchise means controlling several chain activities, which can be challenging at times.

So, how can a comprehensive management platform help you improve your franchise business? First, it can help you manage your essential deliverables. You get to receive real-time tracking of everything your field reps do.

Second, it can help you improve your franchise brand business. For any franchise business to grow, there has to be interest from the target audience. With a comprehensive management platform, you can get the data you need to improve your brand and business accordingly.

3. Troubleshoot Tools

When an appliance breaks down, one of two effects follows. The first choice is that the device fails and can be repaired through troubleshooting. Option two is that the appliance fails, and you have no idea how to fix the damages.

The same applies to your business website. Your website is a vital part of your franchise business. It is how your customers find out more about your services and products. If your website fails, having a troubleshooting tool will help you find out the origin of the problem.

Look for a troubleshooting tool that will help make it easy for you to determine the source of your website problem. It also helps fix the issues that may be causing your website to fail.

4. Marketing Tool

A marketing tool is a piece of technology that allows franchise owners to systemize, manage, and automate the key elements of their business marketing departments. This tool enables franchise owners to unify their marketing technologies and strategies across different locations.

It also allows you to measure the success of your franchise in different locations. This type of information gives you a competitive edge over your competitors within the same industry. Benefits that come with using marketing tools include:

Better Business: A marketing tool helps give you go-to strategies you can use to control your marketing strategies. It will also allow you to make use of your target customers and measure the growth of their influence on your business.

Some marketing tools you can use successfully include: Leadformly, Zapier, and Google MyBusiness.

If you’re looking to grow your franchise business, you can do exactly that by using the four tools above. While owning a franchise business comes with different responsibilities than starting the company, you still need to put in the work. And with these tools, you can do precisely that.


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