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5 Common Bottle Feeding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

3.7 million births occur each year in the United States. That means more new parents are reading piles of baby books. Despite all the reading and note-taking, mistakes are inevitable.

Even a task as simple as feeding can lead to pitfalls. For example, watering down the formula or not burping the infant are common errors. Not to worry, keep reading to avoid some bottle feeding mistakes.

1. Feeding Your Baby Every Time They Cry

If you feed your baby every time they cry, they will begin eating when they don’t need to. This will entice them to cry in an attempt to get food when they are full. Plus, it may induce gastrointestinal disorders that will give them pain.

To rectify this problem, get them on a regular feeding schedule. Starting on a scheduled feeding pattern can improve their digestion. If they are not doing well on cow’s milk, give them holle goat formula linked here.

2. Watering Down Baby Formula to Save Money

There are several baby formula options, and most of them are expensive. Not everyone has the money to spend, which is why people water them down. This might be detrimental to your baby’s health.

A baby must consume a nutritious organic formula for optimum growth and development. The serving size of their formula ensures that the infant gets the proper nutrition. Diluting the formula will deprive your baby of the nutrient they need and will not keep them full for long.

3. Microwaving the Formula

Microwaves often heat liquids in an uneven manner. This will make the milk you test feel cold or lukewarm, but the infant’s tongue will feel the pain. Plus, the microwave destroys several vitamins and minerals vital for development.

If you are in a rush, place the bottle in a bowl of water before putting it in the microwave. You can also run it under hot water from the faucet.

4. Not Burping Your Infant After Bottle-Feeding

Since your infant’s digestive system is still growing, they need help to eliminate gas. They are prone to stomach pain without your help. Sit them on your shoulder and tap their back to get them to burp.

It is recommended to have a cloth or towel over your shoulder in case they vomit. Take the time to burp your baby after each meal. Make sure to have the proper baby feeding position to prevent GERD.

5. Allowing Your Infant to Fall Asleep With Its Bottle

Never let them sleep with their bottles, even if you believe it would help them sleep. If the formula remains in their mouth, gum disease might develop. Baby bottle accessories or the bottle itself can be a choking hazard.

If they get cranky when you attempt to remove the bottle, give them a pacifier. Once they get up in the morning, you can start cleaning baby bottles to surprise your bundle of joy.

Learn More About Avoiding Bottle Feeding Mistakes

Your baby’s digestive system is developing, so it makes sense why bottle feeding can be a headache. One minute they could be spitting out the milk; the next, they love what you give them. It’s like these little monsters can’t make up their minds.

People often underestimate the feeding process, leading to an upset stomach. With that in mind, check out our blog posts for insights into bottle feeding mistakes and how to avoid them.


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