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6 Telltale Signs You Need a New Mattress

Did you know that a mattress usually lasts between 7 and 10 years? However, that’s not a guarantee and you might need to buy a mattress replacement much sooner.

Are you wondering if it’s time to kick your old mattress to the curb? Do you think you need a more comfortable mattress to get better sleep each night?

The following guide will explore 6 telltale signs you need a new mattress. Read on to discover if it’s time to go mattress shopping!

1. Soreness

You probably need a new mattress if you’re waking every day feeling aches and pains. Old mattresses tend to cause pain in the neck, lower back, shoulders, and hips because they don’t provide enough support.  ‌

Check for an outline of your body in your bed because a supportive mattress should return to its original state. If the mattress loses its shape, it means it’s not supporting your spine correctly.

2. Lack of Sleep

Even without noticeable pain, trouble sleeping is often a sign that you need a new mattress. Try sleeping on a different bed for a few nights to see if your sleep improves. ‌

Lack of sleep can affect your mood, mental clarity, and overall daily life. Visit Mattressville for more information about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

3. Signs of Wear

Check your mattress for sagging, tears, rips, holes, or NY other damage. Other signs of a bad mattress include lumps and deep indentations.

You should also consider a replacement if you can feel the mattress springs poking you or the bed’s foundation.

4. Increased Allergies or Asthma Symptoms

‌Old mattresses often contain dust mites, bacteria, mold, and other allergens. They can cause respiratory issues that trigger allergies and asthma symptoms. Mattresses with excessive bacteria usually have a bad odor as well.

5. Getting Hot

Do you keep getting hot while in bed or do you wake up in a sweat? It might be a sign that your mattress is breaking down which restricts airflow on its surface. ‌

‌Keep in mind that a mattress may break down faster if your room is unusually hot or cold.

6. Your Mattress Is Noisy

Does your mattress make a lot of squeaking and screeching sounds? That’s usually an issue for mattresses with coils. You can possibly resolve this problem by tightening any bolts in the box spring or mattress.

But a noisy mattress might also mean that the coils are too old and no longer as supportive. It usually leads to the mattress sagging as well.

Finding Signs You Need a New Mattress

Now you know how to identify the signs you need a new mattress. Replacing your mattress can improve your sleep, relieve pains, and limit allergies. Remember to look for signs of wear and even odors caused by bacteria.

Buying the best mattress is a worthwhile investment that can improve both your mental and physical health.  Check out our site’s lifestyle category for more awesome tips and helpful information to upgrade your home.


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