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7 Tips For Real estate Video Marketing

We are now familiar with the significance of video marketing. Many entrepreneurs have witnessed and realized the power of video marketing campaigns as it has the potential to boost your real estate business immensely. 

Whether you are a real estate marketer, seller, or buyer, making/watching videos will enable you to understand your target audience. It also helps comprehend the pros and cons of the property you will invest in as a buyer. 

There are many good reasons why video marketing holds utmost importance today for the real estate industry. The strategy has yielded valuable results as it showcases the properties’ extensive detail compared to a simple photo or a textual description. 

Why Is Real Estate Video Marketing Gaining Attention In The Industry?

The video revolution is real and pivotal in contemporary times because of these dynamic reasons: 

1. Yields Immaculate Results

Videos can generate valuable page likes and easily be found by your target audience. According to a study, it is observed that an embedded video can get 157% more organic search results than the individuals not using it. 

Moreover, it is one of the ways to draw your viewers’ attention and gain their trust against the property you are displaying in the best possible manner. So, we can conclude that video content can generate more leads than other listings. 

2. Use Cases For Real Estate Videos

For real estate videos, one can describe their listings in use cases, including tours, testimonials, and much more. 

Using AR and VR technology while preparing your video is always a good idea if you want the video to be eye-catchy. At the same time, customer testimonials will also let your audiences know about their past experiences with real estate agencies. 

3. Unique Perspectives

The videos made through AR and VR are highly engaging and provide an excellent user experience. The advantages of creating these videos in real estate marketing are beyond imagination. 

However, these videos are very costly and rarely used. Other immersive real estate video marketing methods are more in trend, such as aerial footage that provides viewers with a precise look at the property, while featuring the outdoors or nearby areas as well as crucial details and other information about the listing agent. 

How To Make The Most Of Real Estate Video Marketing?

You might probably be looking to improve your client connections by using the real estate video marketing strategy. That’s the area where we have got you covered! Here are the 7 video marketing tips helping you create engaging content and find homebuyers effortlessly: 

1. Decide Your Budget

The foremost thing is to set aside an appropriate budget to produce good-quality videos. Remember, to cut short and save money, don’t overlook the video quality perspective. It is imperative for the real estate industry to visually please your viewers while making the content perfect, as per your target audiences. 

Even if you have a low budget, you can still make a high-quality video that won’t let you shell out huge from your pocket. As you can even shoot professional-looking videos from your phone. Yes, you have heard it right! 

2. Use The Right Equipment

Another significant factor to leverage the power of video is to adjust your positioning and lighting to make your footage look impressive and captivating. You can use a DSLR camera or just a smartphone (featured with a high definition camera) to make professional videos allowing you to sell your property. 

Other equipment you require includes the lens, extra battery, real estate video software or videography apps like ProCamera & Level, and camera stand. Some marketers even opt for Slide rail, but that’s completely optional. 

3. Keep Your Video Short and Sweet

Although the length of your video entirely depends on the type of audience you are targeting. However, it is surveyed that video duration less than 2 minutes proves to be more fruitful for marketers than the one with a longer duration. 

Remember, people have short attention spans. So make the most of it quickly and fill your video with crucial elements that catch potential buyers’ attention. Avoid extra fluff and count on the first 10 to 20 seconds to get the best results. 

4. Use The Power of 360 Video

Keep your videos engaging and energetic by showing people that you are excited about the property and influence them to envision themselves living in the space. This can be done by offering a full property tour by leveraging 360 videos. It will enable your audience to become immersed and to conveniently tour the entire space. 

5. Use Subtle Background Music

Dead air is rarely pleasing; the same way video is always incomplete without the background music. There is no ‘right’ background music to play, as it depends on the type of property you are selling and the target audience you are publishing the video for. However, music should always supplement the message you want to deliver to your audience and make it calmer, inviting, enticing, and unique. 

6. Sell The Lifestyle and Location

Don’t just sell your house, try to sell your home. Making a deeper connection with your audience is pivotal. This can never be achieved through static images. Only real estate video marketing has the competency to sell the location as much as the features of your property. 

7. Have a Publication Strategy

One should always place their videos strategically to facilitate the buying process and deal when customers get on your nerves. 

Boosting the sales and getting an immediate response from your prospective clients is possible once you are able to reach the right people. All your efforts to create and edit real estate videos will go in vain if you have not spent adequate time planning your promotion strategy, which enables you to convert more leads.

You can also use competent video editors to make your video look alluring and grab the attention of massive viewers online. 

Following these tips will help you master the video marketing campaigns and run them efficiently. So, what’s stopping you? Go forth and film! 

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