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8 Best recruiting platforms and software

Recruiting platforms are web pages or websites that provide services for those who are unemployed and also help big companies in the recruiting process. These websites and software provide a large range of employment opportunities in different industries and expertise. These programs also help streamline the recruitment processes for companies and fasten the hiring process. The recruiting programs and software are designed to find the most suitable employees for the specified job. To help find you the best recruiting platforms to provide you with the best opportunities we have made a list of the 10 best-recruiting platforms.


Recruithire is a great recruitment software that fastens your recruitment and hiring process with one of the best applicant tracking systems currently available. The website provides powerful and effective hiring processes. The software also helps other businesses to make smarter and effective hiring in little or no time at all. Recruitment software

2-Zoha recruit

Another effective recruiting software is Zoha recruit which helps businesses to recruit one the best employees because of its resume tracking system which tracks the most skilled employees all over the world. This recruitment software sources the best talent for companies and also helps in scheduling interviews.


Workable is one of the most trusted Recruitment software out there and has helped over 6000 companies to this date. The software also matches candidates with their job requirements and also schedules interviews. The software also has a scoreboard to make sure the most suitable person fits the specific job.


ISmartrecruit is one of the best recruitment software if not the best. The software has an integrated applicant tracking system that streamlines the recruitment process. ISmartrecruit also publishes the job resume on the company’s behalf and also promotes jobs on social media which helps the companies a lot in the recruitment system.

5-The Recruit Force

The Recruit Force is a high-volume recruitment platform. That helps boost the recruitment process and also provides many different industries for the companies and workers to choose from. The system not only helps the businesses in recruiting process. But also helps the unemployed workers to find their ideal jobs by publicizing job adverts on social media. The Recruit Force is no doubt one of the best if not the best recruitment software. Which allows businesses to take full advantage of their new tech and strategies to improve the recruiting process by a lot. The system provides screening services, background checks, final selections. So much more to help the companies find the most suitable and most skilled workers all around the world.

Please visit: TheRecruitForce


Greenhouse is a recruitment program made for managing the recruiting processes for businesses on a high scale. The software focuses on structured hiring and focuses on equality and eliminating any discrimination by providing equal opportunities to all. The system has a bias decision-making system on all applicants’ data and provides diversity, equality, and fairness.


Jobvite is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that enables its users to manage the recruiting processes effectively. This software helps a company in screening, setting up interviews, and sending out offers to potential candidates. This program is ideal for midsize enterprise recruiting systems.


Last but not the least, Recruiterbox is a program designed for small or midsize businesses to find the right employee. This website allows the businesses to create their open positions and accept resumes from their websites giving them control to choose the employee they think would suit the business best. This Recruitment software allows users to post new job openings from recruiterbox directly to other social media platforms. Which also helps speed up the recruitment process.


This includes our top 8 best-recruiting programs list. But in my opinion, the best out of all these software’s is The Recruit Force as its High volume recruitment platform gives it an edge over other programs and makes it the best recruiting software on the list. The program provides various industries in which you can apply to such as human resources, sales marketing, healthcare, and many more. The software also allows companies to get the most skilled and suitable employees because of its new tracking technology.


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