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Accessing Cheap Car Shipping Services

Shipping a car from one location to the other can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be so. There are companies that take up the responsibility of helping people get their vehicles from one location to another for a fee.

The problem here is that some companies charge fees that are not really commensurate to the service they render. Some on the other hand advertise but cannot or do not deliver on their promise.

Due to the proliferation of auto transport companies in many urban areas, one might be confused about the right service to use. Getting cheap car shipping services does not only entail paying the cheapest fee possible. It also entails getting great value for your money which leads to great customer satisfaction.

In this article, we will explore the subject of getting the best auto transport company at the most affordable fee, so stay with us.

Tips For Finding Cheap Car Shipping Services

Getting the best prices for good value takes a bit of time and effort. Find below some tips to help you in your search:-

Check out as Many Options as Possible

When searching for a shipping company to use, ensure that you look for as many options as possible. Check out the range of services that they offer and the price at which they offer these services. Carry out what is known as comparative shopping. This is when you look at many offers and compare them based on the parameters that are important to you.

After going through this process, narrow your list down to at least 3 companies. Contact the 3 companies and ask them for quotes. You may have seen some estimates on the sites of the companies that you checked out but when you request for quotes, you are sure of the amount that your shipment will cost.

Choose the Open Carrier Instead of the Enclosed Carrier

There are two major transport carriers that are used in the car shipping industry and they are open and enclosed transport carriers. Just as the names imply, an open carrier transport is one that doesn’t have roofs or walls while an enclosed one does.

With the open carrier, the vehicles to be shipped are placed and secured on an open trailer. With enclosed carriers on the other hand, the vehicles are placed on covered trucks. The open carriers are the most commonly used and most affordable while the enclosed ones are more expensive and not as readily available.

Based on the above, it recommended that you choose an open carrier transport if you are working on a budget; this is most especially for generic vehicles. However, if your car is a high end vehicle or a classic, you are advised to spare the extra dollar for the extra protection and safety of your vehicle.  Visit this site:  for tips on caring for vintage vehicles.

Be Flexible With Your Pick Up and Delivery

This tip applies more to people who want to do door to door deliver to or from remote location. If you insist on the shipping company coming to your location to pick up the car or drop it off, you will have to pay more.

However, if you are willing to drive the vehicle to a closer destination for the driver to pick up or go and meet the driver, you will get to pay less.

Work With the Pickup and Delivery Times of the Company

Working with the timeline of the shipping company will save you some money because your car will be scheduled for delivery with other vehicles. However, if you insist on having your car delivered on your schedule, you will pay for expedited shipping.

Book Ahead

Following from the above point, booking ahead helps you get cheaper rates because you can get your vehicle on the shipping schedule of the company. If you leave your booking till last minute, you may miss the timeline of the company. This will in turn necessitate expedited shipping.

Avoid Shipping during Peak Period

Every industry has their peak period and for the auto transport industry, it is between June and August. Their slowest season is between December and February. Shipping during peak season costs more based on the law of demand and supply.

It goes without saying therefore that the best time to get cheapest auto transport services is during the slow months. Just think of this as doing your Christmas shopping ahead of time.

Read this article for tips on how to beat Christmas shopping rush.


Shipping a car can be enough hassles without the extra stress of thinking of the cost. That is why taking out some time to conduct a thorough search is highly important. We have shared some tips that we believe will help you along the way. Bear them in mind if you intend to get the best shipping service at the most pocket friendly price for you.



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