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An Introduction to Face Painting Kit for Beginners

For many years, I worked as a face painter. In addition to my TV and special effects makeup skills, I am also a freelance makeup artist.

Are you interested in Face paint Ideas? To get started, you’ll need a few supplies to practice with at home and carry with you when you are on site. We cover only the basic supplies you’ll need to get started. Your business will grow and your range will expand as you add more paints, brushes, and specialty items to your kit.

This article discusses tools for painting the face

  • Paints for the face
  • Abrasions
  • Sponsors
  • Face-painting requirements in addition

Using face paints

When it comes to face painting, the paint you use is crucial. Always use face paint that is specially formulated for face painting. You can ruin your work with poor-quality paint, but you can add professionalism to it with superior face paint.

Face Paint Types

It is usually packaged in a smaller jar when it is liquid. My favorite face paint brand is Derivan Std Color 250ml Tub Face Paint. Fine details are easy to accomplish with its thicker consistency. Brushes are best for applying liquid paint.

For larger areas, compact color face paint is ideal. Its highly pigmented colors are easy to apply, and the base color can be intensified by adding more layers (reapplying after each layer dries). A damp sponge is normally used to apply the compacts. You’ll also receive three brushes, one glitter gel, two high-density sponges, and step-by-step instructions for making cool faces with Shazoo Mini Starter Kit. This kit is perfect for beginners.

Colors to paint your face with

Every face painter needs black and white as their top two colors. Face-painting work uses black and white more than any other color. You can use them to draw outlines, paint lines, small strokes, flower petals, whiskers, stars, and other common elements of face painting. Using your basic colors, you can create an unlimited number of shades. To get started, make sure you have these six colors.

1.    Darkness

2.    Light-colored

3.    Blood-red

4.    A blue color

5.    Red

6.    Blue

Brushes for painting the face

There are two essential brushes you will need to start off as a face painter. You can add more brushes and sizes as you progress.

There are two main brushes for painting the face

  • The No.4 Round Brush will be used for the majority of your face-painting tasks. It is ideal for painting flowers, designs, commas, dots, and fancy line work.
  • You will use the Script Liner Brush for your super fine detail work, such as outlines and fine lines.ushes are often used for writing letters and numbers, and they’re great for creating whiskers as well.

Yellow face-painting latex sponges are available at most arts-and-crafts stores and at any face-painting supplier. I buy them in bulk as round sponges, which I cut into shapes or leave whole. Sponge wedges are ideal for creating shapes like butterflies and are ideal for small areas.


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