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Are The Amazon Blink Cameras Worth the Money?

Amazon has released a new set of cameras for home security, including indoor and outdoor cameras as well as the popular doorbell camera. The system easily integrates with Alexa home devices, and the setup is fast and straightforward. But, with a price point that makes it attainable for almost any household, are they worth the investment in this system?

Options And Equipment

Beginning to create your own system can feel overwhelming, but the options of the Blink system allow you to start small and upgrade if you choose. For example, the range includes a doorbell camera that can be easily installed and connected to your current doorbell system, allowing it to ring the home doorbell when the button is pressed as well as alerting you through the app to motion at the door. The outdoor camera can be installed discreetly on the outside of the home and offer a view of anywhere on the property. In addition, there is a wired and a wireless option for an inside camera, allowing you to view one room or area in your home or a mini camera that will fit any space.  


With an average cost of $70-$100 and online storage available at a reasonable monthly cost of $10 or less, the system offers affordable start-up costs. Then, as you expand the system, each camera connects to your wifi and will be ready in minutes. 


You need the camera and a sync module to set up your new camera. Once unboxed, simply connect the camera to your phone with the app, a QR code can be scanned to begin the setup and download the necessary app to your phone. Next, place the camera in the location you want to monitor and check the field of vision that it offers. 

Ease of Use

Once installed, the cameras will operate automatically; they will record and upload to the cloud storage and are triggered by movement. The batteries are intended to run for an average of 2 years before requiring replacement, as long as they are lithium batteries. You can locate a lithium battery supplier in Perth, pr wherever you are located, with a few Google searches and a mouse-click to follow. The two-way talk system allows you to interact with those near the camera, offering the ability to acknowledge those making deliveries or pick-ups from your home. This interaction can lower rates of theft and break-ins by creating contact and ensuring.


With night vision unavailable in color, the night pictures will not be as clear in appearance as the daytime images. However, the cameras are similar to more expensive brands and hold up well to both indoor and outdoor use. Video storage allows for it to be recalled as needed, and the video quality is a sound 1080dpi that is standard with many cameras for these purposes. 

Overall Value

This camera system is reliable, easy to use, and offers storage for recordings and a two-way communication system with the person appearing on the camera. It will alert through the app when movement is spotted and allow for contact to be made. With both indoor and outdoor cameras and the video doorbell, the system is easy to use, easy to install, and offers a reasonable price point.


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