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Bored at Work? 5 Career Changes to Consider

Human beings love to be challenged and if you work in an environment where you working life is boring and you have no real desire to take part, perhaps it is time to consider a career change. Sadly, many people do not enjoy their work and if you are in this category, here are a few career changes to think about.

  1. Traffic Controller – If you take a traffic controller course, you can direct and manage traffic in a wide range of scenarios. Traffic planning and implementation is a complex thing and a 3-day course can set you up with the qualifications that are needed to control traffic at road repair and construction sites. There is a demand for qualified traffic controllers here in Australia and a quick online search will put you in touch with the right training organisation, where you can obtain the right certification to become a traffic controller.
  2. Personal Trainer – If you have a love for sports and are fit and healthy, why not train to become a qualified personal trainer? There are two courses that you need to become fully qualified; SIS30315 and SIS40215; the former allows you to be a group instructor and after you finish the latter course, you are a fully qualified personal trainer. You can study online and there are full time and part time courses, while you are assigned a mentor who guides you through the course, which is very demanding.
  3. Start an E-Commerce Business – Imagine never having to answer to a boss! More and more Australians are leaving the security of a salaried job to start their own business selling products online. Of course, success is never a given; you need to do some serious market research and your digital marketing needs to be spot on. Create a comprehensive business plan before investing any money in this project and one good thing about setting up a shopping cart website is you don’t have to invest huge sums of money. Click here if you are planning to relocate to Thailand and set up a business.
  4. Digital Marketing – If you like working with people and have a sound understanding of IT, you could train to become an SEO technician; an occupation that is always in big demand. Talk to one of the leading SEO agencies about training and after a few years of working under supervision, you can become a certified SEO technician. There is a great future in this sector and you will be constantly learning about new strategies, making this a very challenging career.
  5. White Glove Logistics – If you are good with tech stuff and you love learning new things, technical, or white glove logistics could be the ideal job for you. This work involves the transportation, handling and installation of technical equipment, which is very demanding. A white glove technician spends half their working time learning about new equipment in order to obtain essential certification and the other half is spent installing high tech equipment.

If you are interested in making a life-changing career move, we hope that the above options appeals to you. Of course, keep your current job until you find what you’re looking for


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