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Car Accident Trauma Symptoms

After a car accident, it is not just physical injuries that could be sustained. There are psychological injuries that would most likely show up. (Want some legal advice, check Law Office)

This is obvious because everyone involved in a car accident would either get a mild or severe injury due to their emotions, which would affect the normal way they relate with others.

This emotional state after a car accident is referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and symptoms are associated with it.

In this article, I will be walking you through the signs and symptoms of PTSD. If you experience something related to the following symptoms after a car accident, please see your family doctor.

Symptoms of PTSD After a Car Accident

1. Uneasiness

After a car accident occurs, you might have a feeling that questions the reality of what has just happened. And you might not be at ease anymore.

2. Depression

Another symptom of car accident trauma (PTSD) is having downtime. Being downcasted due to deep feelings of regression.

This is due to having to forcefully accept what you will normally not have believed to happen.

3. Excruciating Distress

A common symptom of trauma after a car accident is a feeling of discomfort within you. In this condition, your emotion will show forth the discomfort you are having inside you.

This condition can prevent your normal way of relating to people around you.

4. Fearfulness

After an accident, if you have PTSD, you might begin to fear driving or entering a car, which would be with you for a very long time or even forever.

This fear is most likely to keep showing as it will manifest itself in you when you start to fear any involvement with a car, either crossing the road for example.

5. Issues With Sleep

Due to high levels of uneasiness, sleep might be disrupted. In this condition, you will find it difficult to fall asleep.

6. Repeated play of the accident scene

Another common symptom of PTSD after car crashes is playing the accident in the head from time to time.

The accident victim passing through this will most likely need to talk out the incident to friends and family to get over this.

7. Isolation

It is most likely that you won’t like to associate again or normally with others. Because of the overwhelming feeling of despondency, you prefer to stay isolated as a symptom of PTSD from a car accident.

8. Headaches

Headaches are the first physical problem to be experienced after a car accident.

Due to the coming together of different emotional states and unhealthy feelings, headaches would most likely surface.

9. Avoidance Behaviors Regarding Driving Again

If after a car accident, you have possessed PTSD, you might keep trying to avoid driving again, fearing that the previous incident would repeat itself.

10. Anxiety When It Comes To Driving Again

Anxiety also surfaces, which is due to an unsettled mind. You might be shivering or feeling tense if a situation that would warrant your driving arises.


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