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Carbon Footprint Calculator | Monitor & Reduce Business’s Carbon Emissions

Are you aware that over 50 billion metric tons of harmful greenhouse gases were released worldwide in 2021? Do you know that agriculture and forestry are responsible for the maximum amount of carbon emissions? Yes, you read that correctly!! 

Just like individuals, businesses produce a considerable amount of greenhouse waste through their operations and supply chain activities. Businesses being the significant causes of depleting environmental conditions has started taking precautionary measures lately. The usage of carbon offsetting calculators to monitor the daily, monthly, and yearly emissions has become a thing for small or enterprise-level businesses. The calculator helps businesses to identify the major carbon emitters that are generated by the firm’s operations. This way, the companies can manage their processes in ways that do not harm the environment. 

What are the common business actions leading to carbon emissions?

Regardless of the industry you operate in, there are numerous operational areas contributing to your business’s carbon footprint, including:

Office Premises

Almost every business requires structural space for smooth coordination and functioning. These can include warehouses, public-facing offices, labs, and other office facilities. These facilities require a 24*7 availability of energy, water, and gas to operate.

For example, a 10,000 square feet office space will produce an average of 100 tons of carbon emissions each year. 

To reduce the impact of business operations on the environment, firms are increasingly inclining toward adopting sustainable architecture designs. In addition, the adoption of the best carbon footprint calculator is on the rise to become responsible citizens.  

Travel and Shipping

With the advancement in technology and convenience of online shopping, individuals have grown trust in eCommerce platforms for shopping. E-commerce businesses who are indulged in shipping products through air, sea, or road are the major contributors to increasing business carbon footprint. 

In addition, air travel or frequent onsite business meetings is another component of a business’s carbon footprint.  In order to reduce taxes on the environment, businesses shall use a carbon offsetting calculator to monitor and manage their travel and shipping processes.

Business Assets

Employees, as well as the equipment used by them for operation, both are counted as business assets. The most common business assets can include heavy machinery, computers, company vehicles, and much more. These assets generate their own eco-footprint and thus shall be used in a controlled manner. Each individual/employee shall be made responsible for calculating their own carbon footprint to lower the overall carbon emissions of the firm.   

Here are a few quick tips to reduce your company’s eco-footprint:

  • Alter the transportation and shipment processes
  • Make use of specialized power strips to save energy
  • Upgrade the electronic equipment like appliances to more energy-preserving models
  • Introduce climate control systems and sensors that cut off electricity when the consumption is nil.
  • Make your employees aware of energy preservation and recycling programs 
  • Use the best carbon footprint calculator on an individual and enterprise level to reduce your company’s carbon emission 

If you have read through, you must have become more aware of the need to curate a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business model. Using the best carbon footprint calculator is one step forward towards environmental awareness and conservation.
Follow a sustainable lifestyle!!


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