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Everything You Need to Know About Air Freight Shipping

In 2021, there was $6 trillion worth of goods transported over air cargo in the US, accounting for approximately 35% of world trade by value.

Are you looking to ship something larger than packages? Perhaps you are a retailer shipping a large or heavy product? Know that shipping by air freight offers many benefits.

But what exactly is air freight shipping, and how do you get your next shipment on time?

Well, we’re glad you asked. That’s what we’ll be covering below. So without further ado, here’s your in-depth guide on air freight shipping.

Proper Labelling for Your Air Freight Shipping

To ensure that your air freight shipment arrives safely and on time, air cargo logistics require you to label your shipment. When marking your air cargo, be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name and contact information of the recipient
  • A list of the items in the shipment
  • The dimensions and weight of the shipment
  • The value of the shipment
  • Your shipping method (air freight, ground freight, etc.)
  • The date you are shipping the items

Include a Commercial Invoice for International Shipments

You must include a commercial invoice with your international air freight shipment as a general guide. A commercial invoice is a required document for customs clearance in most countries and helps to ensure that your shipment is processed quickly. The commercial invoice should include:

• The name and address of the shipper and consignee

• A description of the goods in the shipment

• The quantity, weight, and value of the goods

• The airway bill number

Don’t Reuse Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

Regarding air freight shipping, it is essential to know that you should not reuse corrugated fiberboard boxes. It is because used or old containers may not withstand the rigors of air travel and can tear or become damaged. If you must reuse a box, check with your airline first to see if they have any specific requirements.

Several air freight shipping companies use ULDs to secure their shipments. It has features that specifically fit an aircraft so that the space can be maximized. Do some research to know more about the features of a ULD and when it is necessary.

Avoid Over-Packing

It can be tricky, as you want to ensure your shipment is secure, but over-packing can lead to several problems.

It can increase the weight of your shipment, increasing the cost. It may also lead to your shipment being refused by the airline or delayed in transit. Over-packed boxes can make it more difficult to unload and repack your shipment when it arrives at its destination.

Be Aware of Measurement Requirements

It is because dimensions are chargeable based on volume (cubic meters). If your goods occupy more space than the shipment’s dimensional weight, you will be liable for the higher two charges. Always measure your goods’ length, width, and height before shipping to avoid any issues or unexpected expenses.

Shipping Your Products in a Short Period

In conclusion, everything you need to know about air freight shipping is that it is fast, efficient, and expensive. If you have time-sensitive shipments, this is the shipping method for you. However, air freight shipping is not available for all items and destinations.

When considering air freight shipping, consult your shipping company to see if it is an option.

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