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Hanging Wall Art Without Damaging Your Apartment Walls

Would you rather look at a fantastic piece of art or fall madly in love? In a perfect world, you’d be able to do both! What if we told you that studies show that looking at art creates the same dopamine-fuelled feelings of euphoria as setting eyes on your beloved for the first time?

If you’re moving into your first apartment (perhaps with that lover that has you feeling so head-over-heels), you deserve to feel great about your space. Hanging wall art is one way to make a bare-bones apartment feel like a happy home.

The problem? Many apartment buildings have strict rules about hanging art on walls. Luckily, there is a loophole for every rule, and we happen to know the secret to hanging art in an apartment without getting busted by the super!

Are you ready to unlock the key to apartment-dwelling happiness? Keep reading to learn how to hang art without damaging your walls!

Try Adhesive Hangers

Adhesive-backed strips and hooks are an amazing way to hang anything on your walls without causing damage! Before you start, make sure you know approximately how large your art piece is, including how much it weighs. You’ll be able to find a package of adhesive hangers that is strong enough to keep it in place.

You’ll want to use adhesives on a smooth, clean wall, like those at Park Fountains Apartments. Give them plenty of time to cure so your beautiful painting or poster doesn’t fall!

Each strip has a tab that you can pull to release the strip and remove the adhesive from any surface. Be sure to leave enough of the tab exposed so you can easily accomplish this!

Hang Wall Art With a Hook and Loop

Hook and loop tape (aka velcro) is a great way to hang artwork anywhere in your apartment, from the walls to the front door. If you’re hoping to decorate with a heavy house number or metal monogram, it holds up well under most weather conditions.

Be sure to choose velcro with removable adhesive backing. If not, you might need to use a solvent to remove it. This can sometimes damage paint, so be careful!

Secure Wall Hanging Art With Tapes

As a final resort, you can hang photos, posters, and unframed prints on the wall using masking tape or painter’s tape. These adhesives are specifically designed for removal.

You can choose a colorful or patterned washi tape so you will not take away from the art’s aesthetic! Secure your artwork with a strip at each corner.

Hanging Wall Art Leads to Happiness

You don’t need to do much to up your dopamine level and wake up happy every morning! All you need to do is find a piece of art that makes your heart soar and get it up on your walls! Hanging wall art is the simplest way to improve your quality of life, and now you know how to do it!

What other small pleasures are you missing out on? Check out the rest of the blog for more posts that can help you add some extra sunshine to your day!


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